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Because with dimwits like Finland’s branch spokesman, Frank “Scum-State” Johansson, in it’s organization, the AI org can never be expected to be truly interested in human rights issues. People like Frank can’t even bring themselves to question why the UN ever allowed human rights violating states like Libya to be members of its UNHRC, let alone preside over the former HRC as its president.

Why is Amnesty going soft and easy on Iran?

Amnesty International, an organization lauded for promoting human rights worldwide, has a strong and consistent track record of calling for UN arms embargoes on governments that violate human rights abuse.

As protector of human rights, Amnesty understand the merits of arms embargoes, a type of smart sanctions that avoid causing humanitarian harm often associated with comprehensive actions.

But for some reason, for years Amnesty International has been singling Iran out and avoided calling for arms embargo as a response to Iran’s extensive human rights violations. Why is Amensty going soft on Iran, one of the worst human rights violators today?

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