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What, for telling the truth? This is what happens when a Western judicial and political system throws itself before the feet of the Ummah. KGS

Wilders: You’re kidding me right?

Somali terror suspects threaten to sue Wilders

Wednesday 02 March 2011

NLNews: Twelve Somali men arrested on terrorism charges just before Christmas and later released are threatening to take MP Geert Wilders to court for libel, the Telegraaf reports

Wilders used the microblogging service Twitter to comment on the men’s arrest in relation to the queen’s Christmas speech about unity and shared values.

‘The 12 arrested Somali terror suspects were not exactly looking for what binds us and don’t share our values,’ Wilders wrote.

The 12 want Wilders to apologise or say they will sue for damages. Police said later they had no terrorist connections. The secret service tip-off about them is though to have been part of a blackmail plot.

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  1. As they have nothing positive to contribute to mankind and no intellectual capacity to understand – bring in a law that denies them the right to use our own laws against us. They’re not fit to live in western societies – they prove this every day – so make them happy – ship them out. Surely that would be preferred by the Liberals rather than the rest of us having to turn on them, after all, we’re entitled to protect our daughters from being pimped and our families from being bombed are we not?

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