''Arab Spring'' Refugees Tunisia


Eh….the problem with that scenario is these Muslim who are not interested developing a democracy at home in Tunisia, Libya or Egypt, and are intent on coming to Europe, are still not interested democracy, which means the European model gets even more screwed up than it is already. KGS

We don’t care about revolution – we just want to go to Europe: Chaos, militant Islam and thousands fleeing Tunisia in the aftermath of uprising

Last updated at 10:01 PM on 26th February 2011

On a rocky outcrop a few miles up the coast from the Tunisian port of Bizert, an abandoned concrete ruin overlooks the Mediterranean, whose waves pound the desolate beach below. Across the water lies Sicily, a gateway to Europe. The single-storey building is one of numerous hideouts for Tunisians who pay agents to smuggle them into Italy.

Since Tunisians ousted dictator President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali on January 14 after 23 years in power, the once-omnipotent police force has lost its grip on the throat of the people. As uncertainty reigns, the coastline has become porous. In recent weeks, 6,000 Tunisians have paid human traffickers smuggle them into Italy.

My guide says this building has been used recently. It’s a departure point for illegal migrants who pay an agent up to £1,500 for a place on a boat that will take them to Europe. Days before leaving, they arrive at safe houses such as this one and survive without water or sanitary facilities. Once the coast is clear, a fishing boat docks, loads its human cargo and sets off, under cover of darkness. Now, after massive pressure from the European Union, the Tunisian government is cracking down on the people-smuggling trade.

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