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Goldstone: Nope, here at the UN, our gaze always turns to the Jews.

Op-ed: Will judge Goldstone, human rights groups find time to address recent Mideast massacres?

Moshe Elad: Those stunned by Mubarak’s utilization of horsemen and camel-riders to pulverize protestors in Tahrir Square, and those who saw the brutal massacre on the streets of Libya or witnessed mercenaries firing at protestors from choppers and brutally repressing “freedom fighters” in Bahrain, Yemen and Iran could not help but ask themselves the following question: Will Judge Goldstone find the time to investigate “human rights violations” in other Mideastern sites except the Gaza Strip?

For example, is there a chance that army officers from Iran, Bahrain or Libya will be forbidden from landing in Britain? Will the brutal killers in the “new Middle East” face indictments initiated by enlightened organizations in Belgium, France and Spain? The clear answer is “no!” – A “massacre” that is worthy of investigation, based on UN criteria, can only pertain to efforts to protect Sderot residents from rocket attacks. What happened across the Mideast in recent days is at most an incident of “desecrating the family’s honor” and does not need to be probed.

Indeed, a large group of silent hypocrites deserves great contempt these days. First are all those human rights activists who rush to slam any IDF and Shin Bet operation in the “territories” on the grounds of “violating human rights.” Since the beginning of Mideast unrest we did not hear their voice. Where are all those “Physicians for Human Rights,” “B’Tselem,” “Machsom Watch,” and “Breaking the Silence”? Perhaps they should embark on a quick trip to Libya or Yemen?

After them, the Arab Israeli leadership should be called to order. These people, who miss no opportunity to slam the IDF, the Shin Bet and the Israel Police for “using unreasonable force,” grew silent when it came to police in Cairo or Tripoli. Speaking of Tripoli, only a few months ago an Arab Israeli delegation that included prominent Arab Knesset members visited the great leader Gaddafi to curry favor, lavishing plenty of embarrassing flattery upon the “king of kings.” Now, they are criticizing him for “violating human rights…”

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  1. Will judge Goldstone, human rights groups find time to address recent Mideast massacres?
    No they don’t, just like they haven’t found the time to address the Darfur, Rwanda, Tibet, Western Sahara etc. massacres. They only bash Israel. The UN fair and balanced? I think not.

    Here is Gerstenfeld about Europe, immigrants and antisemitism
    Europe’s grave failure -

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