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Bush snubs summit, cites Assange invitation

Breitbart: Former president George W. Bush scrapped plans to address a summit of young leaders and business executives this weekend because Wikileaks founder Julian Assange would also speak to the group, his office said Friday.

“The former president has no desire to share a forum with a man who has willfully and repeatedly done great harm to the interests of the United States,” his spokesman, David Sherzer, said in a statement.

Bush had accepted an invitation six months ago to deliver the closing keynote speech on Saturday to the Young Presidents’ Association’s “Global Leadership Summit” in Denver, Colorado, Sherzer said.

“This week, upon learning that Julian Assange had recently been invited to address the same summit, President Bush decided to cancel his appearance,” said Sherzer.

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  1. In my opinion Bush has been much more destructive to our safety with his 8 years of shielding and promoting Islam. He is either a traitor or an empty headed dumbfuck, take your choice. Nice guy? Sure, but what happens to nice guys and where do they finish?

    1. Well BB, I’ve already answered where I stand on the issue. He’s neither a traitor nor and idiot, but desperately trying to hem and haw around the obvious issue due to relations with US Arab allies etc. He was wrong and I said as much.

  2. Hmm… He may be a patriot but he did no favours for the USA by continuing to spout the mantra of Islam being a religion of peace.

    Did he never read anything on the subject??

    1. Raymond, I of course sympathize with your views in connection with “Islam is peace” nonsense. GWB was wrong on that score, he could have used other terminology in dealing with the menace. That said, he was the first government official that used the term Islamofascism until the relentless media forced him to opt for another label, but it shows the he was seeking advice on how to deal with Islam, and to label it.

      My point is, W, for all his faults, was an American patriot first, a politician second, and he kept the US free from attack all those years, and the policies his administration forged, are reluctantly used today by the US’ most far Left administration it’s ever had. They campaigned against his measures, and now are forced to accept the reality that they were right.

      No one is yelling about GITMO anymore, just when Bush was in office. He’s a class act, and while I don’t agree with how he carried out every aspect of his administration, I do however thank him for doing his job in keeping the US safe from attack.

      1. Agreed.

        He’s one of the few politicians I would invite into my house if he came knocking at the front door.

        Most I’d tell to get lost. Here, the’re often expedient liars.

        Awful to say, but sadly it’s true.

  3. I believe historians will regard that Pres Bush and PM Blair as two great statesmen, who against all the odds, did manage to speak of Islamofascism, but then were shouted down by the MSM.

    Given the constraints on what they could say, given that they were not just you and I, but world leaders, they did well.

    When Pres Bush declared soon after 9/11, that Islam was the RoP, I was the first on LGF to state that this was a mistake, as it handed the moral high ground to Islam. The result of that statement was that bloggers initially, then Jihad Watch and other sites, showed that Islam was the contrary. The opinion now is that Islam is NOT the RoP – which is the truth.

    Now consider what would have happened if Pres Bush had stated that Islam was a violent religion spread by the sword etc. The result would have been contrary to what is now – we would be in a bind. Moreover, there would have been no co-operation with the Islamic world whatever. The only option left would be to move to war immediately. But as opinion would be that Pres Bush was wrong about Islam, and Islam is the RoP, there would be no support in the public for such a move.

    What Bush and Blair have done is to move to war by stealth. The Muslims are convinced we are waging war on Islam, and it is the Crusades – they are right – We deny it vehemently.

    Islamic countries have been seething for over 10 years, that they are being invaded and the Kuffars will is being imposed on them. They are frustrated they can do nothing, as their “moderate” leaders such as Mubarek, keep a lid on any real anti-West actions.

    So the moderates are deposed, and instead fundamentalist sharia regimes will crop up. Good. The separation between the Islamic world and us will increase. The more important question will then arise what to do about Muslims over here, as given a chance to democratise, Muslims always choose sharia. That has always been the main reason why we are fighting them over there, without which, this question would not have risen.

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