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Via Frank Kitman:

February 24, 2011 (SYL) – Serbian-American professor Dr Srdja Trifkovic was denied access into Canada after being accused of holding a senior position in the Government of Republika Srpska during the Bosnian war by the Vancouver airport immigration authorities. Srdja, who was a foreign affairs expert with links in the Bosnian Serb Government, never held any position in that Government, let alone a senior one.

The fabricated reason for deportation was likely the result of lobbying by the extremist organization “The Institute for Research of Genocide in Canada”, which is notorious for inventing stories, such as the disproven lie that Canadian General MacKenzie raped a Bosnian woman at a time when he wasn’t even in Bosnia, as well as denying the Holocaust in Yugoslavia during World War II. Also, there are strong indications that higher factors in the Canadian government are involved in this scandalous and dark chapter in Canadian history, the investigation is under way.

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  1. As I have said previously, they fear Dr. Trifkovic due to the fact he is armed with the truth, a weapon that their lies cannot defend them from.

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