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Earlier today on a Finnish TV morning program, the talking heads discussing Gadaffi said one thing that Gadaffi isn’t, is crazy. Oh yeah? KGS

The ravings of a mad man:

Telegraph: “An answer to the agents, a reply to the liars. A reply to the mass media of lies – the mass media – the mass lies. This is the great people of Libya.

You are the fruit of the revolution. You are the enthusiastic youth of the revolution. You see pride and dignity in the revolution. You see history and glory in revolution – it is the jihad of the heroes. It is the revolution that gave birth to Omar Al Mukhtar. It is the revolution that we set up memorials [to].

I am among the public; we will continue to fight, we will defeat them. We will die here on the dear soil of Libya. We will defeat any foreign attempts – as we defeated the former Italian imperialism.

This is the formidable force, [the] invincible force of youth. Life without dignity is worthless – life without green banners hoisted is useless.

It is the life of pride, of dignity and victory – the green flag flying and hoisted. You, the youth, be comfortable at any place in the streets, [in the] squares. Dance, sing, stay up all night – live a life of dignity, with high morals.

Muammar al-Gaddafi is one of you. Dance and sing, be joyful and rejoice.

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  1. The good Dictator and human rights champion commands his followers and citizens to sing, dance, and rejoice, while my paid mercenaries , thugs, goons, and assassins mow you down indiscriminately and perform acts of genocide upon you.

  2. ‘Dance , rejoice , sing , drink your nescaf’e……then, go home and die’

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