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TSN: Now lets not rush to any rash conclusions, lets see if she was flashing some hand or elbow to the brother that led him to the temporary conjugation.

Man accused of raping maid

By Eman Al Baik
Published Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Pakistani driving instructor allegedly raped a Filipina housemaid who stayed in his house upon the request of her recruitment agency for one day.

According to the prosecution sheet, MK, 34, raped RZ, 31, who was asked by an Ajman-based company to serve in the house of the accused’s family for one day until her passport was renewed.

The accused sneaked into the living room and threatened the maid with deportation if she refused to have sex with him. She submitted to him and he went back to his bedroom.

The report said that the maid got pregnant.

“The recruitment company informed my Emirati sponsor that my passport needed to be renewed at the Philippines Consulate in Dubai. My sponsor took me to the company in Ajman. They asked me to spend one day at the accused’s house. I went along with him and his wife.

“At about 3:30am, while I was sleeping in the living room I felt MK coming into the room. He molested me and said he wanted to have sex with me otherwise he would deport me. He undressed and raped me. I remained silent as I was scared and could not push him away from me. He took a shower and went to his bedroom,” RZ testified before the Prosecution.

“The accused’s wife took me to the Consulate and dropped me at the recruitment agency’s office. My Emirati sponsor picked me from Ajman and after five days I told him about the incident,” she testified.

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