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First of all, the Tundra Tabloids does not support “direct democracy”, but rather a constitutional republic that centers on limited government, the civil society, its economy based upon the free market capitalist system with the protection of minorities and civil liberties. In other words, the US model, based upon Madisonian constitutionalism.

That said, it’s good to see the members of other parties, like from Muutos 2011 (I never understood introducing a shelf date into a party name) even if they’re in favor of the “direct democracy” model, speaking on important matters that should be the discussion of all the parties in Finland.

Kyösti Tarvainen, a Muutos 2011 candidate, writes an interesting piece, of which the TT translates only a portion of, it’s way too long to translate in full, so only some of the more interesting parts will be presented here. KGS


Kyösti Tarvainen: Below is a Khaddafi’s speech in which he gives Europe two possibilities: submission to Islam or the battle against Islam. I shall also consider two other options.

First of all, I guess I should tell you why I would have to assess the validity of Khaddafi’s speech: I am one of the few Finns, who have wrestled on the behalf of Western civilization against Islamic culture. This happened 30 years ago, when I did my doctoral dissertation in the US. In my work office was a student friend Amr, an Egyptian working on his own dissertation. After our period of studying, we’ve exchanged greetings by letters and e-mail for 30 years. He is a Muslim. In the U.S. we had a tough debates about which is better, Western or Islamic society. One time a fierce debate turned into a small wrestling match.

At the beginning of the debates, I was sure that I could prove that western society was better than an Islamic one. But it wasn’t successful. I came across a new issue, which all the arguments eventually ricocheted: Muhammad. For example, Amr said that it is right that a woman inherits half of that a man, because Muhammad has said so. after this eye opening experience, I have in recent years become more familiar with Islam.

In 1990 there began a new kind of immigration with more than a thousand Somalis. Nobody then could have foreseen that immigration could be a threat to the entire existence of the Finnish culture.

Now 20 years later, the calculations for the population predict that in a 160 years, if the current immigration policy continues, Muslims are as many as that of native Finns. I told of this in the Helsingin Sanomat, 20.7.2010. Included as natives, inter alia, are Finnish-Swedes, whose ancestors brought with them Western civilization.

Everyone has witnessed the streets of Helsinki the rapid growth of the number of foreigners. According to a study by the metropolitan area data center, Helsinki’s non-indigenous population grew linearly 7.5% of its share in 2009, and in the year 2030 the share will be 15.3%.

The direct continuation of this will lead to the dramatic case of the percentage of the Finnish-and Swedish-speaking population already accounting for less than half in 110 years, within the 14 municipalities of the Helsinki region.

The first warning to Europe was apparently not until 2000. At the time, valued researcher on Islam, Bernand Lewis, believed that Muslims would be the majority in Europe before the end of the century.

And has since written dozens of books: perhaps the most prestigious was a book by Cadwell; a book by Laqueur has been translated into Finnish, Julia Caesar describes the situation in Sweden, the richest of the information on the Muslims is Radu’s, an over a 700-page book.

The inevitable increase in the number of Muslims is based simply on two factors:

A high birth rate of Muslims,
B. Taking Muslim wives from abroad.

Even though there wouldn’t be any more new Muslims to Finland (except for married couples), the amount of Muslims would exceed that of  the native Finnish number in about 250 years. Sweden, which has proportionally 5 times more Muslims, in the corresponding time is about 150 years.

Europe has begun an incredible unheard of change. But there can be found a precedent some 2 000 years ago: the small number of Christians in the Roman Empire increased to be the majority in 300 years, mainly because their birth rate was higher than the others.



A. High birth rates

According to Helsinki Urban Facts for the Helsinki region, during 2005-2009 for Muslim women the fertility rate was 3.0 (child per woman on average). Finnish-speaking fertility rate was 1.63 and 1.67 for Swedish speakers.

Examples of fertility among Muslims (under Muslim majority languages):

Arabic 4.35
Somalia 4.05
afghan, pasto 3.89
Albanians 3.27
Urdu 3.24
Kurdish 2.95
Turkish 2.78
Bengali 2.74
Punjabi 2.44


Many Muslim marriages are arranged, when parents acquire a spouse from the country of origin. This will strengthen their own clans, when its members have access to a rich western country.

Muslims from countries of origin give great gifts to marry in order to reach western countries. Also, a Muslim man may keep more of the country of origin’s traditions coming with a traditional wife than with a westernized Muslim women. These and other reasons for foreign spouses are described on the net.

According to the Helsinki Urban Facts for the metropolitan area, over the period of 2001-2009 had the following number of marriages in which the one marriage contractor has lived in Finland and the other abroad (mainly Muslim languages):

Somali 62.2%
Arabic 55.6%
Kurdish 60.3%
Persian 53.9%
Turkish 55%

Missing m these statistics are marriages entered into abroad. In any case, more than half of the Muslims living in Finland get their Muslim wives from abroad.


2. MUSLIM population forecasts

In January 2011 released by the Pew Forum, a prediction that the size of the Muslim population in different countries in 2030. Tens of demographers around the globe were involved in making the projections. The following table is 20 west to the Muslim percentage of the population in 2010 and projected for 2030.

Muslim population in the percentage of
v 2010 – v 2030

Finland 0.9% – 1.9%
Sweden 4.9 – 9.9
Norway 3.0 – 6.5
Denmark 4.1 – 5.6
Holland 5.5 – 7.8
Belgium 6.0 – 10.2
Germany 5.0 – 7.1
United Kingdom 4.6 – 8.2
Ireland 0.9 – 2.2
France 7.3 – 10.3
Switzerland 5.7 – 8.1
Austria 5.7 – 9.3
Spain 2.3 – 3.7
Portugal 0.6  – (0.6)
Italy 2.6 – 5.4
Greece 4.7 6.9
U.S. 0.8 – 1.7
Canada 2.8 6.6
Australia 1, 9, – 2.8
New Zealand 0.9 – 2.0


3. WHAT IS THIS immigration

In fact I had thought in the past that in the new kind of immigration policy consisted mainly in helping political refugees. But when two years ago in the corridors and shops of the East Central (TT: eastern portion of Helsinki where teh greater portion of immigrants are concentrated), I saw every fifth Somali or African, but I saw none of them in three bookstores of the East Central, I then realized that it was not political refugees in question. After all, they were civilized people and would like to learn how to safeguard their language and reading at least literature in English. I realized that they were mostly the standard of living of refugees. In other words, it is mainly the fact that the residents from OVER 100 DEVELOPING COUNTRIES INTEND TO MOVE TO 20 rich WESTERN COUNTRIES for a better standard of living.

What has begun is an unprecedented global national migration, which if continued, will destroy the national culture of these 20 countries.

Channels for this migration are:

– security and places of residence
– Companies
– family reunification (an anchor through the children, spouses, children and other relatives)
– Places of Learning
– Illegal immigration.



Muslims also know of these views, that they will inevitably reach the majority in the rich Western countries. Here are a couple of samples.

Yusuf al-Qaradhawi is an international Muslim scholars union president. He is thus the most important of muslim theologian of our time. He has said that Islam will return to the conquering of Europe, without the need to use it, even necessarily, violent means other than as a deterrent: the wombs of Muslim women are more powerful weapon.

Libyan leader Muammar Khaddafi: “There are clear signs that Allah will hand victory in Europe – without guns, without swords, without conquest. There are 50 million Muslims will make Europe a muslim population continent over the decades. Allah will arrange European Union membership for Turkey and Europe will have yet another 50 million Muslims. Europe is in a cleft stick, as well as the United States. They must bow to the fact that they become Muslims or with time, they will have to declare war against Muslims. “

This, he says the next video of the third minute mark, but also the first few minutes you should watch:

NOTE: The TT has to stop here, there are still many more salient points that Kyösti Tarvainen brings to the forefront, and if any Finn reading this wants to contribute more to this post, send in your portions and I’ll add it.

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    1. Hi SIC, the fact remains, Children of Christians in fact become Christian, either through child baptism or through parental guidance. If the numbers of Christians were in fact out populating the pagans, then his thesis is correct. I haven’t the data however to prove it either way.

  1. Muslims also know of these views, that they will inevitably reach the majority in the rich Western countries.

    There were a couple of YouTube video’s about Egyptians and Iranians discussing this. I heard that the t-shirt ‘In 2030 it’s up to us’ is very popular among Muslim youth in Denmark. And in Germany there is a map without Europa but with the Ottoman empire.

    1. If the dole, the gravy train that these parasites live off of were cut off they would stop migrating. What fools we are to let immigrants into our countries, feed, clothe, and shelter them, only to have them spit in our faces, form criminal gangs , terrorize and assault our citizens, and basically tell us that they are taking over.

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