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And meanwhile, the destruction of the indigenous Swedish culture through mass immigration and Islamization continues unabated.

Thanks to Fjordman for this one. One can guess from the level of blogosphere discourse in Sweden that there isn’t other pressing matters facing the country and the world at large. At least not for the Swedish dingbats discussing ”gender free” clothes for children, they’re outraged over the fact that Maija and Ingrid are treated differently than Sven and Johan.

Sweden is the la la land of democratic Stalinism that would have made the DDR’s, Erich Honecker, feel like he was right at home. This is what happens when you have a country ruled by tough fisted socialists for over sixty years, brainwashing the country with all kinds of socialist social engineering. The feminazis have the strong hand in sweden, and they’re not afraid to show it. KGS

HD: -I hope the petition makes the clothing chains realize how many there are who are tired of this division. Who want their children to be treated along their personality and not sex, “says Nina Ruth Power.


-I was surprised it was so important. When my son was born, it became even clearer. Children need not be divided into compartments. We put our gender roles in children who do not have to affect them. A child with the cute clothes are treated completely differently than one with the cool clothes, “says Nina Ruth Power.

The sizes for girls is less than the boys, despite the fact that children have the same proportions, like Nina’s terrible.

– Now, if the stores do so for the boys on the move more than girls, which is not true, then it should be the opposite, girls should have more clothes to be encouraged to move more, “says Nina Ruth Power.

What do you hope to achieve with the petition on Saturday?

– To store chains see how many we are calling for more children’s clothes without a breakdown, and that they think about.

How has the response been?

– Mostly positive, but it is a hot issue. Many are provoked. Someone said to me that they should take my child away from me who want to promote gender-neutral.

Why do you think it arouses such strong reactions?

– To dress a boy in pink makes a lot of people upset. It is ugly for a man to be a bitch. I want the children themselves to choose the colors and the clothes they want, “says Nina Ruth Power.

But if your son grows up and just want to wear typical boys’ clothes?

– I would never force him to wear anything he wants. But I would try to present options.

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  1. Well they are idiots, what did you expect? They also have daycare centers where they use gender neutral words to talk to the poor kids being indoctrinated into this death style.

    They will all die in the coming war, so who cares, the effeminate never lasts in wars.
    No one will miss them when they are gone, sick bastards.

  2. I once had a teacher who was trying to raise her daughter ‘genderfree’. Guess what? The girl still wanted to play with Barbies. Lol!
    Btw, wasn’t Sweden the country were a couple wouldn’t tell the government if the baby was a boy or a girl?
    Jeez, those Swedes have lost it completely.

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