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  1. A government that has no civil control over any portion of it’s cities or territories will soon cease to exist as a nation. Oh the feckless politicians will just continue the make the same lame excuses and try to either ignore or explain the ‘problem’ away, and the citizenry will continue to suffer at the hands of this criminal immigrant underclass.

  2. I don’t know that Salka Börjeson Eynon is the wife of a millionaire – she’s listed as unmarried: https://www.ratsit.se/BC/ReportSmall.aspx?ID=_KTSRyniZXRlHJSvv12yyJKidpwAuLIYAd0FP-8Ar50 (yea, it’s that easy to find out in Sweden)

    To name Salka an “heiress” might be closer to the truth. Though she appears to be fairly successful in her own right. She owns and operates among other things this hotel:

    The program that clip was from was the Swedish version of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secret_Millionaire

    This woman was supposed to “rough it” by spending one week in an apartment in Rosengård in Malmö. Living among those poor, downtrodden souls she was supposed to find people and causes to donate sizable sums of money to. As we say in Sweden: “det gick sådär”. The Local Downtrodden kept her under surveillance around the clock and….well, in her own words, she felt she was in less danger when she was chased by lions in Africa. In the end, the production company apparently decided that the Downtrodden was unsafe neighbors and she was moved out of Rosengård to stay in an hotel.

  3. Do the Swedish media report on such things? Are Swedes aware of the happenings in their country? Do they dare speak openly or are they afraid of being over heard by commisars? Or is it informal PC restraint of speech?
    I realize the government is in charge of the education system but do Swedes realize they don’t live in a truly free country? There is no real free speech or free press if there are political exceptions to the freedom. A right is something that belongs in whole to someone. When did Swedes give away their right to speak their minds?

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