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Here in Finland, women lining up to become Miss Finland have to parade themselves around in under garments, it’s all a part of the Miss competition gig. Each year the contestants form a line and walk out on the cat walk in places like shopping malls all round Finland.

So for every Finn, it’s no shock at all that girls hoping to win the crown and bragging rights for being “Miss Suomi”, will not hesitate for a moment to wear underwear in public, which for the most part, resembles swim suits.

That fact however, is lost on the overwhelming majority of those living in the Middle East. The supposed front runner of this year’s competition in Finland is, Anni Uusivirta, (her last name translates “Newcurrent”) who has a boyfriend from Abu Dhabi-doo, Muhammad Khalid, they’ve been together for two years.

The Finnish model revealed to the Finnish tabloid Iltalehti (curiously not online) in an interview that her boyfriend, Mohammad, doesn’t intend on showing his mother any pictures of her posing in any underwear.

The Tundra Tabloids will help out Muhammad Khalid’s mother by putting her son’s Finnish girlfriend on the internet here at the TT. In the end, it might help save yet another ignorant European woman from having to go through another hellish nightmare of a marriage, when she eventually finds out that Khalid isn’t the man she originally married. Here’s a snippet from the Iltalehti interview (curiously not online):

The Boyfriend was delighted

Anni, who’s working as a flight attendant and  currently living in Abu Dhabi is dating a local man, Mohammad Khalid for over two years. That Mohammad is a Muslim hasn’t kept him from being delighted in his beloved’s sexy underwear pictures.

-He thinks that the picture are really beautiful, but he doesn’t intend on showing them to his mother, Anni laughs.

Anni’s boyfriend works in Abu Dhabi as a successful businessman.

Also, her mother Merja has met her potential son-in-la many times. The man has made a real good impression on the mother.

-He treats Anni very well like he treats his other relatives. He’s a dream son-in-law candidate, thanks Merja.

Anni earlier told that Mohammad had even bought her a Jaguar.

-It’s true, her mother Merja verifies.

One other quality that Mohammad has over the rest, is that Mohammad has the habit of paying attention to those closest to him which is really wonderful. Especially that he honors the elderly.

Now you might disagree with the TT, but this has all the signs of a slow train wreck, “beautiful western girl meets nice Muslim boy from the ME who appears as modern as it gets. Spends his wealth on her, and gets her to marry him, only to find out awhile later that her life is not her own, full of bruises and that any children she might have are to be raised as Muslims.” It’s a slow train wreck I tell you, just wait and see.

NOTE: Picture of the happy threesome, Muhammad, Anni and her nitwit mother Merja who’s got her eye on the brass ring, not her daughter’s well being.

UPATE: buuri johannesbuurista writes:Well, she is not very clever as she earlier stated that: “In Muslim culture women can be real women” (MTV3 interview)

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  1. KGS wrote: It’s a slow train wreck I tell you, just wait and see.

    Indeed it is. We can foretell a train wreck, as a train is unable to leave the tracks till it is derailed. All we can do is to wave red flags for the driver and the passengers to get of the train asap.

    1. Right you are DP111, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.

    1. Thanks BJB, I added your comment to the post. Much appreciated!

  2. A classic case of “bimboism”. She probably takes after that insipid mother of hers – the other female portrayed in the Finnish newspaper article. The apple seldom falls far from the tree.

  3. Can’t argue your take on the matter KGS. This a slow train wreck unfolding before our eyes in slow motion.

    Anni – best to dump this guy toute de suite before the marriage when things are very likely to change for the worse.

    The cultural baggage is all there under the surface and will emerge at some point.

    As for the dopey mother, her eyes may be on the brass ring but the ring will be through the nose of Anni – not on her finger.

    And the name Muhammad does not augur well for Anni either.

  4. Sorry.

    Is this “local” man a true local, i.e. an Emirati? Then it might come as a big surprise that Emiratis may have many wives, and, she has to convert to Islam (or at least her children have to). Her children will not be able to choose their religion freely, but must become converts as well. Anyway, it’s her choice and seems that the mother is happy with the way things are developing, too.

    It can be a very safe and well-protected lifestyle, just stick with the rules. Women do not have too many rights or at the very least equal rights do not apply. Upside:wealth; downside: loss of freedom (no freedom of speech as we’re used to embracing!). Divorcing is relatively easy, though, but you loose your children and finances will be a big issue…

    But I may stand corrected on that by people who know more.

  5. It is also illegal to date in the UAE as relationships outside marriage are not allowed and punishable by law. Let’s hope they will not get pulled over by a police and thrown in to jail. Hmmmmmm maybe I should inform the police that this type of activity is going on right under their noses.

    1. It is illegal to date in the UAE as relationships outside marriage are not allowed and punishable by law..If you check all the top 5 religions christian, jewish, Islam,Hinduism, it is a sin to have relationship out of wedlock. all the religion says the same but people changed their holy books to suit themselves .if you see Holy Bible And Holy Torah its not the original version its not the original version if you read the oldest bible and compare with the one you are reading nowdays its edited ,its edited by the the author.and people follow those books edited by authors .Muslim book Quran is the only book which is not edited even a word is not changed.

      1. Islam is a runaway cult of Christianity, the koran is a plagiarized copy of the Old and New Testaments.

  6. take care annie…
    life is like a novel pages every day new page,,so if got sad 4 one day just dont worry turn off this page and go to next page….try to stay in ur own community if u cant really accept muhammad relegion,culture and society…..

    1. Hey Nishi, she’s an ignorant Finn who doesn’t see the danger Islam represents. In other words, your kind of dhimmi.

    2. he is a fool running behind the finnish beauty,

  7. Amazing! People still associate a person’s general stated beliefs with Governments that use severely alternate interpretations of those beliefs as political weapons.

    The Supreme Leader in Iran is a mafia kingpin. Everyone knows this, yet he continues to bend the Isslamic religion to meet his needs. What a farse. I have far less respect for him than if he would openly be the person he is; a shrewd corrupt politician.

    Isslam attributes it’s own validity to Christianity (Christian profets), and Christianity attributes its own validity to the Jewish religion (which is more of a philosophy than a religion). But when two different people both say they speak the word of God, and they each say something different; my bet is they are either both lying, or demented.

    Leave this guy alone. If he tries to use ethical tools to make decisions, that’s better than most.

  8. Explanation of the terms in the article:
    Local man: Emrati
    Business man: (my ass) the Government gives huge amount of money every month to all the local Emrati who follow the rules of the government.
    Rules: Every Emrati his first wife must be a Emrati woman- who will be his only legal wife, ie who will be beneficiary of all his wealth, he can marry other foreign women- as many as he want but they wont have any legal rights.
    Handsome man:(my ass again), spend his money on steroids, sophisticated gym equipments, high class clothing and cosmetics.
    Got her a Jaguar car: Oil money from the government.
    Best son in law: ofcourse why not sell her daughter for even a better price.

  9. Why you haven’t wrote about Nasima Razmyar? Shes aiming for the European parliament. Shes muslim and living together with her Finnish boyfriend. Living together unmarried is the best decision she has ever made Nazima commented. She got recently engaged to her non muslim boyfriend. She participated Dancing with the stars which the Afghan community in Finland did not like.

    1. Sounds like I should, hey, I have! Just enter her name into the search window on the top right.

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