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Great. While the US taxpayer is fighting for his and her financial life and the jihad rages around the world, the US under the Obama administration is freely spending money it doesn’t have on building mosques or refurbishing them, while building up the Islamic world’s internet infrastructure. What in the hell are these jerks thinking? This will all be used against the West, with imams and jihadis laughing at the US taxpayer while they preach jihad and actively work to carry it out. Calling it a moronic policy is an understatement. KGS

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  1. None of this makes any kind of sense.

    What is the mindset of the bureaucrats in the State Department who are squandering this money in support of the cult of Islam??

    Don’t they have to justify to the tax payer the reasons for wasting money this way?

    Aren’t there checks and balances to safeguard against this kind of lunacy?

  2. I posted a link over on Newstalk to see if it might generate some discussion.

    I can see U.S. foreign aid being used to repair and modernize a wastewater system. Those kinds of project save millions of lives. I believe this was cited in the video and that seems reasonable even if a mosque is an indirect beneficiary.

    What I can’t agree with is U.S. foreign aid going directly to fund Mosque restoration and building. That don’t make sense!

    Every time our government tries to do something good and sensible, some Congressman shoves an earmark spending item into a bill that results in awful spending practices. The time has come for our President to have a line item veto to hold him directly accountable for these spending items.

    I also believe some research needs to be done in order to find how these line item appropriations found their way into our budget. There’s a congressman or two to blame here and the American people have a right to know who they are instead of always blaming the President.

    1. I did not single out the POTUS although in my opinion he is little more than an empty suit.

      1. Yes, an empty suit doing the bidding of his ‘handlers’

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