2 million Egyptians in Tahrir Square chant “To Jerusalem we are heading, Martyrs in the millions.

H/T: Vlad had the chant verified, they were indeed chanting on to J’lem, martyrs in the millions.

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  1. Millions yelling death to the infidels, yet our leaders remain deaf.

  2. Yes. Martyrs in the millions. And they said it. Seems like a scenario portending Armageddon.

  3. Hmmmm…..Just think these are the ‘people’Obama is giving 1,57 $Billion in 2012!

  4. The ME is aflame not because, as our MSM thinks, that they want freedom to setup a democratic government, Western style.

    I posit that the region is aflame because “moderate” governments in the ME have not taken the route of opposing with force, our interventions in Iraq and Afghanistan. The idea that Infidels can invade and occupy a Muslim country with impunity, is galling to every Muslim on the planet. Muslims are allowed to invade and occupy Infidel lands – that is a divine injunction, nothing wrong with that. The converse is satanic and against the will of allah. Therefore America is the great Satan and Israel the little one. Muslims all over the world are convinced that they are seeing a new Crusade. I believe they are right but not in the way they think, though I wish it was.

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