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First of all the Tundra Tabloids has to say that it must come to the defense of the Finnish president, she’s not, as far as I know, a communist, but the TT does know that she is in fact a socialist and a statist. Second of all, the relation between the military and civilian rule dictates that members of the military to refrain from stepping into politics while still being on active duty. Professionalism is paramount. If in fact the First Lieutenant chastised the president, he needs to be reprimanded.

That said, the Tundra Tabloids is very free to comment on how much of disgrace this president has been, as she galavants around the globe trying to save it, than actively trying to ween her fellow countrymen from the tit of the state. She’s a supporter of big government, or in other words, another temporary politician who believes that it’s their life’s mission and right to torment the individual as much as possible. KGS

YLE: An officer serving in the Karelia Brigade training conscripts criticized Tarja Halonen as being a communist. The Karelia Brigade told YLE news, that this investigation will be examined by the Defence Department. Armed Forces Commander Gen. Ari Puheloinen refused to comment on the case. Puheloinen commented that it is sufficient enough at this stage, that the issue is being investigated.

The Uutispäivä Demari (Leftist rag) reported it first. According to a conscript, the lieutenant spoke of his opinions a couple of weeks ago. According to the conscript the officer said that a woman is not fit to be the commander of the armed forces. The Lieutenant said  at the same time that Halonen was a Communist. Also, formerly acting as the chairman of the Seta organization (lesbian rights group)  according to the first lieutenant, made Halonen improper for being a commander-in-chief.

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  1. Frankly I can’t stand the woman. Yet one must grudgingly concede the distinction between the office and the person.

    My lament is that I don’t think she is good for the country and I want to see her out as soon as possible.

    As for the Karelian officer, someone has tittle-tattled on him, perhaps a conscript who had his own personal/political agenda for all we know.

    I hope this matter proceeds no further and that the officer in question maintains his rank.

    But in this age of political correctness – who knows?

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