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What about his duty to uphold the law of the land? Everyone can find an excuse to circumvent one law or another, but if everyone did just that, pick and choose what laws you want to follow and skirt the rest, what kind of state could function like that, …for long?

That’s how many people from 3rd world countries tend to think, but it’s due to their highly corrupt and inefficient regimes -who use the people, and the laws they create, as a means to keep the state’s boot heel on their necks- and then transport that thinking to the West.  KGS

Daily Star:

H/T: Scottish Infidel

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  1. The real news here is that this taqqiya scumbag is a “dad of six”. Multiply that by the number of taqqiya scumbags across Europe and you have a ticking time bomb.

    1. Great point Peter, and they keep crossing the border with little or no resistance whatsoever. We are in such deep sh*t I don’t even know where to begin.

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