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The Tundra Tabloids is of the opinion that women in general don’t belong on the battlefield, especially in a war zone where a overtly misogynist population interprets the sight of females in uniform as sign of weakness of that military unit. It’s immaterial to me whether they don a scarf on their and “go all the way”, the initial picture of a military unit filled with women has already been cemented in their thinking, female soldiers walking around with scarves of subjugation just proves the Afghanis own point. KGS

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  1. This is something I find quite abhorrent. If we have to put women in combat roles, which I don’t agree with in the first place, then we should not do so in Muslim countries, for the result is this. It demeans women soldiers, it demeans us as a culture, and it makes Muslims feel that they have defeated our culture on one of its central tenets – equality of men and women.

    Among other reasons that I oppose this development, is that if one or two of these women were captured, then brutally beaten and gang raped repeatedly, which being the Islamic norm, it could just make the marines or SAS, forget their liberal indoctrination and RoE, and revert to the reactions of normal men- we will then have major diplomatic incident. It will then force our leaders to trod of to the mosque and apologise on our behalf.

    We are giving all the wrong signals to the defeated. They are confused, and I don’t blame them, for this is not how victors should behave.

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