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The Christian world ended the practice for being unchristian-like , the Mohammedan states really have nothing against the practice and have only moved against it, halfheartedly, because there’s this human rights charter thing that they’ve signed. KGS


TSN: What was good enough for Mohamed is good enough for us

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Sri Lanka maid kept as slave for 17 years in Saudi Arabia

The Sri Lanka Emabassy in Riyadh has rescued a lanka house maid that has been kept slave by her employer for 17 years, paying no salary and preventing her from communicating with her relatives back home. Local Saudi papers have reported that this is one of the many cases of notorious house maid market in Saudi Arabia .

The maid , Kusuma Nandini, 56, came to Riyadh in 1994 from Sri Lanka and was kept in the house of her sponsor for 15 years before she was transferred to the house of the brother of the employer who kept her for another 2 years but paid her meagre salary.

The case was discovered after the daughter of the maid who lives back home in Sri Lanka informed the Sri Lankan Foreign Ministry that her family had not been in contact with her mother for 17 years.

Sunil Wijesinghe, labor welfare officer at the Sri Lankan Embassy said that the case is being raised with the concerned Saudi authorities to release the maid and pay the outstanding salary of SR54,000.

The report added that the maid does not have a passport or a residence permit to prove that she was working in the country. Source.


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  1. KGS

    This is really important

    This inhumane and absolutely cruel methods to kill animals in ritualised form is inimical to the traditions of Europe. This good and decent tradition, of not inflicting prolonged pain on animals, is one of the main features of a decent civilised society. Why? Because we show compassion to not just those who can speak, but to the defenceless and the speechless.

    This butchery has now become gargantuan in scale. Our once civilised society has reverted to ritualised sacrifice, and is quite literally swimming in an ocean of blood, as animals are killed slowly and cruelly.

    How did this happen? How did we allow it? Why is the RSPCA, an organisation that is up in arms over a few badgers, is silent while halal slaughter is all around them.

    If there is a God, and he judges us, we will be found wanting, for we once were civilised, and knew good from evil.

  2. Just think. In the short space of two decades, we have gone from a society which tries its best not to inflict pain on animals, to a society that does so on a huge scale. In the name of MC, we have now reverted to the barbaric practice of ritualised animal sacrifice inflicting death on the dumb and speechless, in a slow manner. Our once good society is drowning in a sea of the blood of tortured animals.


    This is happening on our watch. Whether you are not involved is immaterial. Our generation will be condemned, when this evil is stopped. And stopped it will, for I believe that good will always triumph over evil.

    God help us and have mercy on us, for we have betrayed our own faith, culture and traditions, and regressed, with knowledge aforethought, as we knew the difference between good and evil.

  3. I’m sure this is but one case in thousands of cases of slavery or near-slavery in Arabian countries. Near-slavery = workers kept captive in substandard housing, documents confiscated, salaries reduced and withheld. Little boys kept as slave camel jockeys till used up. And what about the gay Saudi Prince who killed his personal black sex slave in a posh hotel in London a few months ago? The Muslim world is full of duplicity,
    cruelty, and hypocrisy. But that doesn’t stop them from being best friends with our President.

    1. Hi Paula, it’s the tip of the iceberg as in all cases dealing with brutality and violence, especially in a (mentally) third world basket case society.

  4. Stop advertising you arrogance all over when u havent a clue on the meaning of the word Halal. Since the people who have commented here seem very uneducated let me explain…. and please do read carefully before just reading a word and flaming the post.

    there are certain things that are categorized halal (allowed) and certain things that are haram (forbidden). I will not go into details but you are free to research on the halal and haram categories… and u will find it prominently mentioned that consumption of blood is haram. Therefore the animal should be slaughtered in a way that removes the blood completely from its body. Halal slaughter, also called Zabiha, involves a quick deep clean cut at the throat where the jugular vein and carotid artery is, but spinal cord should remain intact. There is no specific indication to cut the windpipe and esophagus etc, but they are often cut automatically b/c of the location. The animal dies instantly from immediate loss of blood to the brain. This way of cutting causes blood to gush out leaving negligable amounts in the body.

    hope that clears somethings, and please acquire knowledge before you speak, that is the first step to civilizing yourselves, the first word of the Holy Qur’an was “Iqra” which means “read”.

    changing tracks, i know its rather depressing that the slave traditions are still carried out in the arab world, but it should be captioned arab slave trade, because in case you notice arabs arent the “only muslims” in the world.

    1. We only have to look at the hack and saw videos to learn all we need to know about Halal slaughtering. It’s a cheap knock off method of the Jewish Schechita ritual slaughter which is far more exact in its methods.

      As for the Muslim slave trade, seeing that it’s condoned in the koran, it has gained license in the Arab/Muslim world ever since. So yes, it’s the ISlamic slave trade, something that the false prophet of allah’s Islam condoned and spread throughout his Arab empire and to the world. Mohamed didn’t invent it, but he sure as hell propagated it and legalized it in his desert cult.

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