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Why are EU states still doing business with the Islamonazi regime of Iran?

Someone has to take a stand, thankfully Italy has Fiamma Nirenstein to sound the call to a moral conscience. Iran should be divested from, but what we see here are EU states, such as Italy and Austria for an example, throwing themselves head first into the pig trough while the rest wallows in the muck and mire to get great deals with the Islamonazi regime.

History repeats itself. There was no lack of business trading partners with the German National Socialists before the outbreak of WWII, all the while the Nazi state was busy persecuting its minorities, most noticeably Jews. so, here we go again. Thanks to B.Weinthal for the story, and for Nirenstein for speaking up against the outrageous behavior of her MP colleagues, who should all be ashamed of themselves. KGS

Italian deputy rebukes fellow deputies for Iran meeting

02/20/2011 02:14

Italy is Iran’s largest EU trade partner; Italian MPs met with Iranian counterparts.

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BERLIN – Fiamma Nirenstein, Vice President of the Foreign Affairs Committee in Italy’s Chamber of Deputies, sharply criticized last week her fellow legislators serving on the committee for meeting with a group of Iranian members of parliament.

Speaking during a parliamentary debate last Wednesday, Nirenstein said “I announce that, in my capacity as Vice President of the Foreign Affairs Committee, I will not participate in tomorrow’s meeting of my committee with a delegation of Iranian parliamentarians, headed by the President of the Iranian Foreign Affairs Committee.”

She continued that, “Given the recent demonstrations in Iranian cities, with the Iranian people once again proving their profound enmity towards a government that violates all their human rights; given the violence perpetrated by the Iranian security forces, and given the disconcerting images, in all today’s newspapers, of the Iranian parliament demanding the hanging of the opposition leaders, I feel that a dialogue with Iran’s official representatives is completely pointless.

“On the contrary, I think it’s extremely useful to express and give concrete solidarity meeting its oppositions. Indeed, until now, international meetings with Iran’s representatives on human rights or nuclear facilities, have served no useful purpose. They have only helped to give more time and legitimacy to the regime of the ayatollahs. Iran has to date proven its extreme determination to pursue its aggressive, imperialist and anti-Semitic course, as proven by [Iranian President Mahmoud] Ahmadinejad’s latest declarations de facto inciting to genocide.

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  1. Dear Fiamma, Thanks. You are really brave woman. Not many European men would do this.

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