Woman in burqa goes amok with knife

BT.No: Without warning, the woman would have attacked a motorist and a pedestrian on the Minde in Bergen on Friday. The attack on Fabrikgate was reported to police at 14.01.

– We first received notification that it was a man in a black burqa who threw objects at cars, “says operations manager Ron Lentføhr in the Hordaland police district.

When police arrived, it turned out that the perpetrator was a woman, armed with iron rods and knives.

– She was arrested with a patrol dog and is mentally imbalanced, “said Lentføhr.

The woman in the full burka would have turned loose on a car with an iron rod. She also slashed up another woman with a knife.

The victim suffered cuts in the ear, and was transported to the emergency room in the city center. Burqa-woman being treated in the same place, before she might be put under arrest.

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  1. “Might” be put under arrest? Howz about they just arrest her and don’t treat her? Anyway, aren’t they all mentally unbalanced?

  2. Notice mental illness is ALWAYS considered a factor in stories like this..when they face prosecution for acts like this..’
    ..awwww the poor woman was nuts and didn’t know any better….how can we arrest her?.she needs our help…’
    Although it’s not out of the question that after a life of subservience and torture she is a looney. ..or more likely another case of ‘street jihad’?

  3. The Idealogy of Islam has made its forced members (all by submission), all mentally unbalenced. Islam is a Totalitarian Political Machine of blood thirsty conquest which zealously advocates the downfall of any Democracy (free speach. freedom of thought)
    Submit or Die. Islam is not a religion, but a Totalitarian like Nazism.
    Christ taught, My Kingom is not of this world. Mohamed’s Kingdom is of conquest, raping and ruining whole countries, cutting off husbands heads, raping all wives and the children, marrying the wives same day husband is butchered and selling all others into slavery at slave auctions.
    It is scary, all Super Power Nations in the past have submitted to islam’s Conquest

  4. Islam finds a way to harness the destructive power of its social misfits. They can practice their destructive ways on non-Muslims in the form of rapes, muggings, and general mayhem and receive positive feedback from the most devout.

    Read the entire theory at .

  5. Classic case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome, presented by authorities/MSM as a one-off aberration.

    It’s the Jihad, Stupid.

  6. All the government workers in all the Western Nations seem hell-bent on taking the Muslim side in every conflict. Notice how quickly they label her “unbalanced”, thus laying the groundwork for her defense nice and early. What does that mean? Did anti-psychotic medications come tumbling out of her purse or is “unbalanced” just a thing they choose to say when “move along folks, nothing to see here” would be too obvious? This story is actually a big deal. Imagine if a woman in a burkha stabbed you and then ran off into the crowd. There would be no way to catch her, would there? Isn’t that clever of them? They’ve invented the perfect murder.

  7. C***s. The whole lot of them. Seriously.

    I’m off to have a beer and a bacon sandwich whilst I watch the Arab world implode on my telly. I wonder how long it will take before the Muslim Arabs blame the Jews for their own Muslim Arab governments opening fire on them?

    1. Arj, I can look at the second hand on my watch to tell you.

  8. Muslima in burka is mentally unbalanced? Isn’t that redundant!

  9. Jesus says,, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself” . I’d say Mohammed disagrees.
    Letting muslems rule (even themselves!) IS NOT loving them……

  10. What on earth are Muslims doing in,of all places,Norway?Deport this ‘woman’ imediately!! Deport them all! They don’t believe in free speech,freedom of religion,womens rights or democracy.They seek asylum,they breed,then when they’re finally the majority,they’ll demand changes to suit themselves.Europe,North America,Australia and New Zealand-just wait 50 years. Sharia law anyone?

  11. Of course women in burqas are unstable. For starters Muslims are inbred by marrying first cousins. Burqas block the sun and prevent the pituitary gland from receiving vitamin D which causes mental instability and rickets in unborn children. In fact muslims have a high birthrate of mentally and physically disabled babies. Burqas make them non-persons to be easily disposed of and can cause Identity crisis. Not to mention the safety and the security risks. So why are we letting them into our countries.

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