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Every American in the Helsinki area should turn out to eh…welcome eh,.. just see, Joe “Plugs” Biden in Finland, how often does one get to witness the most stupid US Vice President ever? It will be like viewing the exact opposite to the Hale-Bopp comet, a bright object never to be physically seen again by you or I. KGS

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  1. Never say “never”.

    Besides, I like Joe Biden. I like him better than President O’Bama. If President O’Bama were for some reason, unable to complete his term, Joe Biden would become President. Ya never know!

    Ooops! I said it! “Never”. :+)

    1. Well lets hope that Obama stays healthy, I wouldn’t want Biden having any real control on anything.

  2. Has anyone ever calculated just how much money is spent on these “trips” taken by government officials–say just in the last year? I wonder how far that would go towards lowering the astonishing debt the people are trying to carry. Just saying…

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