CNN Lying Bastards


Go ahead and watch the video of Nir Rosen lying through his teeth in an interview by CNN’s Anderson Cooper, over his tweets that made fun, or light of, Lara Logan’s being beaten and raped by Egyptian ‘pro-democracy’ thugs. Nir Rosen knew that she had been raped when he tweeted those offensive comments, now he tries to make it look like he hadn’t seen or read the article he linked to, that made it clear of the violations inflicted upon the CNN journalist. What a lying scumbag. KGS

H/T: Breitbart

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  1. Hi, I just thought you would be interested in reading this article from Haretz

    I think I read on your blog a weeks time ago that you expected there to be a military putch in the end. Seems you were right on.

    I read your blog quite often, and think you make many valid points, and I agree with many of them, although I sometimes think that your language could be a little less inflammatory. I think some people would have a hard time distinguishing between rightfully ridiculing the inexcusable attitude of islamofascists, loony leftists, from a much more problematic position to be perceived to be against Muslims in general. I dont think people can be held responsible for their nationality or religion. They can only be held responsible for their actions.
    I also swear by any persons right to ridicule any religion, cultural traits, and if that includes burning holy books, no matter how tasteless in my personal view – please be my guest. In any rate, in many religions, including Islam, it is in fact a requirement to burn old, worn out copies of the Koran or other religious texts in order to preserve their sanctity. You may want to check that out and perhaps write a story on that. The source is BBC radio 4 program, beyond belief, on the difference between sunni and shia (or if not this, then the one about Egypt, or maybe the one on ahodya? Dont remember but if you like I will find it for you).

    Anyway, good on you, your hard work is read all around the world!

    1. Hi HMS, thanks for the comment.

      I try to strike a balance between those who deserve ridicule and those who are just caught in the system so to speak, but a drone is a drone is a drone, someone who just plain refuses to think for his or herself. I will never understand the Leftist mindset, other than that they are plain malcontents who will always find a reason to be discontented, and the need to place others into submission to themselves and their ideas.

      I am inflammatory, but this is indeed a tabloid blog, and it’s not for everyone, but I feel that if someone really wants to explore something outside their stated or unstated beliefs (many people don’t know exactly what they stand for) they won’t be turned off or away from anything I say. I am harsh towards Lefty morons, especially those morons that are irredeemable and hold places of influence.

      As for Muslims in general, the taking to task of Islam, for the most part, is a thankless task, but something that has to be done nonetheless, and at times it appears I am going after the jugular of every Muslim. But in reality I care not what a Muslim does privately, how many times he or she prays and tosses a slipper at the devil. But this is also a war of propaganda, and I have to do somethings that I wouldn’t do in private life. such is the way things are.

      Thanks for the links and I’ll check em out. Take care,

  2. I forgot to add in message above, I prefer to not have this comment published, I just wanted to share some links and thoughts.
    thank you

  3. Another brick in the wall. Every time a Muslim makes this or that claim, a claim that can be demonstrably proven to be untrue, it cements in the minds of non-Muslims that Muslims are liars through-and-through, and cannot be trusted.

    Their so-called holy book, in Sura 3:28, authorizes the practice of lying to non-Muslims. As the adage goes, wrong in one, wrong in many. By lying Muslims seem to be unaware that their credibility become shot to h_ll.

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