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Chana informs the Tundra Tabloids of a video showing Libyans protesting in the streets of Benghazi, they may call it a demand for ‘democracy’, but lets be frank here, there’s no indication that these Arabs are any different than their Egyptian counterparts, who want more sharia, meaning more Islam. KGS


Gaddafi ‘asked’ to step down

Cairo: Khaled Mahmoud

Aawsat.com:  Just two days before on public anger against the regime of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan opposition has stepped up overseas and activists Libyans in the inside of the unit Nbernhm, and urged Gaddafi to step down and freedoms and to allow freedom of demonstration and expression.

He said a statement issued by the 213 figure for the Libyan opposition and 13 body and a gathering and party opposition to the Qadhafi regime, and has received the «Middle East» copy of it, that «Libya live a reality of misery and the state are experienced by citizens at all levels of political life, economic and social development, with the utter collapse in all sectors».

The statement added that «our right to the blood of our compatriots, we demand the right of the Libyan people to go out to express their opinion in a peaceful demonstration, without any harassment, provocations, threats by the system or its components», stressing the need to step down Gaddafi and his entire family for all authorities, powers and terms of reference .

He said «we, the signatories of this statement, we will support, the media and the juridical and political, the legitimate demands brought by the Libyan people in their rallies and peaceful Atsamath».

For his part, the Ibrahim Abdel Aziz Sahad, Secretary General of the National Front for the Salvation of Libya, an appeal to the international community to provide protection to the Libyan people, who plans to demonstrate peacefully to demand the rights of natural liberty and social justice, democracy and stop corruption and looting of wealth.

Revealed Sahad in a press statement revealed that Gaddafi has issued instructions to restrict the movement correspondents media and prohibit the use of imaging devices as of yesterday, as the mobilization of large security forces and deployed in a number of cities and sites, were also arrested scores of bloggers and users of the channels of social communication.

He pointed out that the Qaddafi regime aims of these actions to impose a media blackout and the isolation of Libya from the world media, urging the international community to intervene to protect the Libyan people to exercise their normal, legitimate, and to prevent singling out the Libyan people and respond to the usual repressive methods.

Also called on the Libyan League for Human Rights to be considered as demonstrations expected next Thursday, as a start to grab the rights of Libyans, noting that the goal of these demonstrations calling for a redress of grievances of the people to release prisoners of conscience and freedoms and an end to the consequences which the tyranny of the abolition of the Constitution and the absence of the rule of law.

It expressed its hope to take this movement of struggle-oriented peaceful and civilized, as happened in Tunisia and Egypt, and keep away from violence and destruction of public and private property and should not be given an opportunity to the enemies of democracy to distort the work of civilization through the breach the security of citizens and transmit the disorder.

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  1. Earlier this am, the following tweets were listed under ‘breaking news’:

    *Libya update: State TV says rallies are being held across country in support of leader Moammar Gadhafi – Reuters

    *Libya update: Violent clashes in eastern city of Benghazi involved people angry over arrest of a rights campaigner – Reuters

    *Libya update: Protesters in Benghazi hurled Molotov cocktails at police and government supporters; 14 injured – Quryna newspaper via Reuters

    *Libya is to release 110 prisoners accused of being Islamist militants, human rights activist says – Reuters

    It appears Libya’s state tv control wasn’t enough to convince the population that the mobs were protesting in defense of the current regime. . . so Gadhafi (or however he spells that name) released some more influential characters to address it.

  2. Right. Italy should start preparing for the imminent arrival of Gaddaffi and his extended family + friends and associates. A large palace in Italy or even Switzerland will do quite nicely.

    Italy should also prepare for the arrival of thousands of criminals released from prison, which Gaddafi has been promising to send to Europe.

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