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Anyone want to guess how many of his fellow Muslims and Imams in Canada are seething? KGS

The school division is facing the music in a typically Canadian way – that is, bending itself into a trombone to try to accommodate these demands, even though in Manitoba, and indeed the rest of the country, music and phys. ed are compulsory parts of the curriculum.

Officials say they may try to have the Muslim children do a writing project on music to satisfy the curriculum’s requirements. The school officials have apparently consulted the Manitoba Human Rights Commission, and they have also spoken to a member of the Islamic community suggested by those very same Muslim parents.

In any event, the school district is trying to find a way to adapt the curriculum to fit the wishes of these families, rather than these families adapting to fit into the school and Canadian culture.

Mahfooz Kanwar, a member of the Muslim Canadian Congress, says he has some better ideas.

“I’d tell them, this is Canada, and in Canada, we teach music and physical education in our schools. If you don’t like it, leave. If you want to live under sharia law, go back to the hellhole country you came from or go to another hellhole country that lives under sharia law,” said Kanwar, who is a professor emeritus of sociology at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

That might be putting things a little more forcefully than most of us would be comfortable with, but Kanwar says he is tired of hearing about such out-of-tune demands from newcomers to our country. “Immigrants to Canada should adjust to Canada, not the other way around,” he argues.

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  1. I’m quite comfortable with the professor’s comment. A Muslim speaking out against Sharia ought to get plenty of encouragement in my opinion.

    All take and no give with such people.

    The solution is simple: Don’t make your problem my problem. If your problem is music which is part of our culture and you feel you cannot live with it, go back to where you came from.

  2. Let us consider the hypothetical situation that ALL Muslims at present living in the West, accepted the call to clean up their communities of extremism. They even went further and made the changes in their teachings of the Koran and the jihad. Such an outcome would no doubt come as a relief to many on this site, the government, the MSM, and elsewhere. But I counter, that all such changes were being done merely to protect the ummah while it grows at ever-increasing pace in the West. Once a near majority is achieved, that future generation of Muslims will simply revoke any changes, and return to the traditions of the unchanging and unchangeable Koran i.e., the canonical texts of Islam that cannot be changed, but only protected when under duress. That future generation of Muslims in the UK, or in any Infidel nation, will even praise this generation of Muslims for having done what was necessary to protect Islam.
    Islamic ideologues take the long view – in several decades or centuries, or more. It is only right that we as well consider options keeping in mind Islam’s long-term goals.

    Now this professor may be genuine, but I counter that people such as he, merely delay the day, and thus put us in greater danger, when we have to do what is necessary to save our society.

    Muslims and Islam have no place in the West, which has been formed by Christianity. Our fore-fathers knew that very well. It is only our idiot politicians who seem to think they know better.

    1. I do not accept the categorical generalisation that all Muslims are sufficently devious to be invariably acting in every circumstance to protect the long-term objective of total subjugation of the kafir.

      I meet Muslims from time to time and I doubt whether the majority I have met would have even read the Koran which (from cover to cover)has been described by one authority as “jibberish”.

      So whether the professor is sincere or not is an open question and as you say he may well be genuine.

      As you further say our greatest enemy is the ignorant fifth column permeating our universities, media, and political institutions.

      Our main line of attack needs to be directed at them.

      So I cannot accept without hard data the opinion that the professor

  3. The problem as I see it is the fact that the fundamentalists always seem to have the upper hand when they come into contact with already established Muslim communities. This means that their arguments are more persuasive than the so called “moderates” version of Islam.

    That tells me that Muslim communities in general are (unfortunately) potential fifth column bases from which islamization will be promoted on a grander scale. The majority, no matter how seemingly “moderate” haven’t the tools to combat the fundamentalists incursion into their mosques.

    I’ve repeated the phrase I heard from another speaker on Islam that: the problem with Islamic fundamentalism, are the fundamentals of Islam. No truer worlds were spoken.

  4. The Cult of Muhammad is a far greater threat to the well-being of mankind than Fascism, Communism, and the Hordes of Genghis Khan ever were.

    1. Hi Stuart, I believe that Socialism to be the greatest of threats, without it, the jihad and islamization of europe could not have been started.

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