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TSN: We always get our witch

Maid held for alleged sorcery

By 24/7: Staff
Published Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Saudi authorities arrested an Indonesian housemaid after her employer told them she was planning to harm his family through sorcery, a newspaper reported on Tuesday.

The unnamed man told police he doubted his maid’s intentions after finding talismans and other magic items in her room.

“He filed charges that his maid is planning to use magic and sorcery to hurt his family…police arrested the maid after seizing those magic items,” ‘Kabar’ Arabic language daily said.

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  1. Makes you wonder what the base rate would be for psychiatric disorders in Saudi Arabia, doesn’t it?

  2. I think, the employer didn’t want to pay her salary or has abused her, so the easiest way is to incriminate her with false charge. Almost 100% certainty that nobody would help her, so it was quite safe to do that.

    The Saudi government has threatened Indonesia to stop employing housemaids because the Saudi government felt that the Indonesian media had made some reports of the housemaid abuses. Actually, the media coverage was only a tip of iceberg, and yet the Saudi was not happy at all.

    Not only the Saudi doesn’t want to stop the crime againts foreign workers, but they also want to cover it up. That is a very typical of muslim, isn’t it?

  3. Only the Koranimals – do any of these morons have two brain cells to rub together. You would think the muslims would be embarrassed to admit how earth shatteringly stupid they really are.

  4. What makes you think the corrupt Saudi government represents Islam??? Because they say they do??? Are you people that uneducated???

    @M Rob – Do you have any brain cells? You talk about Muslims being stupid, but you should question your own intelligence. I guess since George W. Bush, the supposed Christian, invaded Iraq for no reason and murdered 500,000 civilians, he must be a Biblibarian. You possess a high degree of logic. That was sarcasm at its finest.

    1. I find that statement to be the most amusing of all. Being the caretakers of the cradle of islam, whose language the Koran and hadiths were written in and whose teachers and preachers, who study only Islam, influence all other Muslims in the four corners of the earth,…don’t know Islam. That’s really rich, if not outright hilarious.

      As far as your claim that the US “invaded Iraq for no reason”, the Hussein regime was in violation of a chapter 7 UNSC resolution, murdering their own people like flies. The initial US operation went after the military, it’s no fault of the US coalition that Saddam placed military hardware within the civilian population, that was on his head, and the resulting deaths (no where near the numbers you mentioned) afterwards were at teh hands of Muslim jihadis. Your skewed logic seeks to place the entire blame for that war squarely on the US, when in fact it’s all a Muslim affair.

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