Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff


UPDATE: Elisabeth convicted to 120 “Day fines”, equally 480 euros.

Elisabeth has been found innocent of incitement to hatred, the original charge, so the judge makes up some new charges to find her guilty of utterances against the founder of Islam, for calling him a pedophile. So all the Muslim pedophiles around the world currently living with their underage child-brides should be thanking this Austrian judge and giving high fives. An utterly contemptible verdict. KGS

Elisabeth’s trial resumes today and Russia Today interviewed her yesterday and forwarded the video to Vlad just prior to it being released online on their site. This post will stay at the top today, till Elisabeth’s trial ends in the afternoon. Here’s the video interview:

Elisabeth and her lawyer enter the building

Waiting to go inside

Discussions on what to expect

The smirking judge awaits

Elisabeth gets seated

Reading of the charges and delivering the verdict

12:10 Judge: the integration of muslims is surely a question of particular public interest – you are allowed to be critical – but not incitement of hatred

(- judge states the allowed utterances)

The language used in the seminars were not inciting hatred, but the utterances regarding muhammad and paedophilia were punishable.

“Paedophilia” is factually incorrect, since paedophilia is a sexual preference which solely or mainly is directed towards children. Nevertheless, it does not apply to mohammad. He was still married to Aisha when she was 18. It is a “denigration of religious teachings” and are found guilty and sentenced to 120 days, which approaches the minimum of € 480.

12:20 The hearing is closed.

12:21: Unrest breaks out in the room. Elisabeth’s lawyer has appealed against the verdict.

NOTE: So by default, any rapes of children by Muslims around the world of “young brides” is not classified as rape or pedophilia by this judge.

Elisabeth states: “It’s a sad day for my daughter and all girls out there. “I’m Partially guilty. Incitement to hatred: “Not guilty”. I’ve been fined 480 euros.

NOTE:An anonymous lawyer advises the TT that: “Elizabeth should appeal this because, as someone who uses language, I take ‘pedophilia’ to refer to a sexual interest in children, and so does the dictionary. It doesn’t mean someone who also has a sexual interest in adults, or someone who goes on to have sex with the adult they abused as a child. I’m sure expert evidence can be brought to show that people who also have sex with adults, or who continue to have sex with the child even after the dhild reaches the age of consent, have been punished, and heavily so, by the courts. e.g. the Austrian man who imprisoned and abused that girl until she was 18 – he is commonly referred to as a monster, and appears to have done exactly what the judge says let’s mohammed off the charge of pedophilia.

This seems to be a case of the judge wanting to convict, but not wanting to be seen as oppressive to free speech. Basically by convicting for impoliteness, saying something that is factually correct, but should be be said.

I think that is the emotional position of the courts, at least on the continent. the courts, like the governments are desperate to hold it together. But I think it will fail because things are moving too fast. So I think they will be forced to retreat to the more defensible line that you can say things that are factually correct, but if you say things that aren’t then we’ll get you. on that basis Elisabeth would be acquitted. I think she can force the courts back to that line at appeal, especially given the absurd use of language by the trial judge. So I think she should appeal.”

ALSO, even more relevant: Natascha Maria Kampusch (born 17 February 1988 in Vienna) is an Austrian television hostess mostly known for her abduction at the age of 10 on 2 March 1998. Kampusch was held in a secret cellar by her kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil for more than eight years, until she escaped on 23 August 2006. The media attention later led to her signing a contract with Austrian channel Puls 4 for her own talk show, which had its premiere on 1 June 2008.

Natascha is reported to have had sex ‘willingly’ with Priklopil. She was 18 1/2 when she escaped. So if Priklopil is classed as a pedophile then Mohamed is too.

And then there’s Mohamed and men:

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  1. We must be free to shine the light on the evils of Islam!

  2. That woman-judge should be promptly punished!!! It’s obvious she’s pro-Muslim (probably because she’s a Communist) and deserves immediate dismissal from her job as well as permanently being barred from any further employment in such a capacity!!

    I hope this most unjust verdict is overturned post-haste!!!!

  3. This is disgusting , its a free ride for all pedo’s everywhere , take the judge out , bring her kids along and rape them in front of her , as its all ok .. she just made it that way

  4. Wait, so the judge is saying that she’s guilty of mischaracterizing Muhammad as a pedophile because he also slept with her as an adult? Who is she kidding? MANY pedophiles are married and sleep with their spouses, but because they have sex with children, they are still pedophiles! What a ridiculous verdict.

    Technically, as a medical definition, pedophilia means that a person has a preference for sex with children, but the term is very broadly used in law enforcement and in society in general.

  5. So, what do you call all the Christian priests having sex with small boys? Why the need to smear a group of people which are 1/5 of the world’s population? Do you know what people outside this little part called Europe think about you and all you have done? You know, in the beginning NONBODY came to Europe, YOU went around the world in search of gold and slaves. And later they came to you. That is how it works. Like the situation. If you don’t go anywhere then nobody comes to you.

    1. Hi Danial, Christian priests having sex with little boys has absolutely no foundation in Judeo-Christian texts. Comparing that to the Muslim practice of ‘wedding’ (read = raping) little girls, or for that matter, buggery of little boys, that indeed enjoy Islamic textual approval, the former in both Koran and hadiths and the latter (as far as I know) just within the hadiths. Afghanistan, a totally Sunni Muslim land has an institutionalized pedophile culture, that no doubt they back with some Islamic scripture. We all know that there is nothing in Judaism or in Christianity that even comes close to condoning such behavior.

      You’re mixing apples with oranges here.

      So you’re of the self hating European mindset, so what? I could care less what others think of me, it comes from knowing exactly what the history books tell me, warts and all. No one is dressing up the factual record, but then again, I refuse to sit idle while a self hating European tries to smear Europe and its rich history in such a lop sided way.

      Then again, seeing that you’re commenting from Sweden, I take it that you might be someone who came to Sweden from abroad, an immigrant, or a refugee, which then makes you an ingrate, a malcontent, a whiner with a grudge. Which is it Danial? Self hating Swede or an immigrant malcontent?

      Europe went searching for alternative trade routes to the east, solely because Islam had cut off the ones most easily accessible. Slavery is an institution that is not the sole property of one people or a region of people, that’s a fact. Europeans were subjected to raids by Muslims looking for booty and slaves, and had long taken to the African slave trade hundreds of years before the Europeans tapped into the market. Get your history straight.

      1. I’m not a self hating European, I’m a migrant since 35 years and in Europe I guess I always will be a migrant as my skin a tat darker than north Europeans. I’m also an atheist.

        You say “Europe went searching for alternative trade routes to the east, solely because Islam had cut off the ones most easily accessible”. “Muslims looking for booty and slaves, and had long taken to the African slave trade hundreds of years before the Europeans tapped into the market. Get your history straight”.

        Fine, the problem is that you stayed, you did not go back. You colonized most of the world and started digging for riches. I’ll be the first to tell that Muslims and specially Arabs do not fit in Europe. They are behind and you are too big a bigots to mix. You should never have mixed with them from start but your greed and hunt for riches in all those countries couldn’t stop you. And I’m glad that you started slavery after Muslims. How god of you civilized Europeans.

        If you compare Muslims and Europeans, Muslims are not doing that bad actually. You started TWO World Wars killing millions and that was recently, like your parent’s time. You Christians smoked over six million Jews, still your parent’s time, and then according to your colonizing values stole other peoples land and exported your problem elsewhere.

        Maybe Christianity is better than Islam. But you Christians are making your GOD very angry by all this killing and enslaving. And you are supposed to be enlightened. Your problem is that Nazism is gone and nobody is going to sit still if some people try to start the ovens and burn Muslims this time.

        You went there. You stayed. They came. They are staying. NO MATTER WHAT. Try to accept this fact and communicate with them and your life will be easier.

        1. Bla bla bla. Your beef is with socialism, something that Islam and every other statist ideology has in common with. Why stop with the Europeans moving around and staying, why not continue your journey in history and look at those “indigenous” tribes of people the Europeans subjugated, who had already in turn subjugated other tribes of people that already were extinct and their culture destroyed by the peoples (who themselves “stayed on”) the Europeans themselves came into contact with.

          The point is, there is nothing new under the sun, including slavery, you appear more than willing to start your understanding of world history with Columbus’ crossing over the ocean in 1492. According to you, nothing ever happened before that period, everything was one big “Shangri-La”. Eh….but it wasn’t.

          When it comes to slavery, yes the Europeans took it up, but they had learnt well from the Muslims, and in the brief period that they engaged in the practice (when looking at world history) they in fact ended the practice, with the US fighting a major civil war over it, so stop with the sanctimonious mumbo jumbo, no one is white washing European history, but neither will I allow European history be pissed upon either.

          In a modern age of democratic liberalism, no one is going to burn anyone, but demand that people either adhere to our liberal values, or pack up and leave. Bending over backwards towards Muslims and their practices is a sign of Europe communicating with them, and it has led to the present day islamization of their societies. No longer, the people of Europe will not put up with it and will once again reassert their own cultural values, if that means an Islamic shift from the continent, so be it.

  6. This judge is a disgrace. She denigrades justice, free speech, truth. Stating an undeniable fact is made a criminal offence. Pure Kafka. She is a traitor of human dignity.
    The last time we saw such a judge was in the mock trials of the soviet union and in the third reich.

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