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This lying huckster should be stiff armed by every university, politician and religious body. This ”moderate”, the so called ”Islamic Martin Luther” is caught on tape praying for ”divine vengeance” on the enemies of Islam. He also stays true to Muslim Brotherhood doctrine in claiming that the Jews are the enemies of Allah, and for the ”Palestinians” to defeat them, in the form of the Jewish state of Israel. So by default, Tariq Ramadan is not only a supporter of violence, but of  international jihadist terrorism, pure and simple, and it all comes from his own mouth. KGS

“A sermon delivered by Ramadan in Paris in 2008, where he strays from the usual talking points about peace and democracy.”

Breitbart: New York Times’ “moderate” Tariq Ramadan caught on unearthed video calling down divine vengeance on those he considers Allah’s enemies

H/T Charles Jacobs, who writes:

The media fog machine is in full operation on the scene of the Egyptian upheaval. The International Herald Tribune – the global edition of the New York Times – today published an article (“Whither the Muslim Brotherhood?”) by Europe’s favorite Islamic scholar, Tariq Ramadan. The article promotes the childish notion that we should accept the nature of an organization on the basis of its public pronouncements. Specifically, Ramadan claims that the once-violent Muslim Brotherhood has seen the democratic light and is deserving of a role in the future government of Egypt.

According to Ramadan:

Respect for democratic principles demands that all forces that reject violence and respect the rule of law (both before and after elections) participate fully in the political process. The Muslim Brotherhood must be a full partner in the process of change. In the end, only democracies that embrace all nonviolent political forces can bring about peace in the Middle East…

Read it all here.

UPDATE: Esther from the Islam in Europe blog reminds the TT that the vid is from 2009. That said, it’s great to spread knowledge of that video in light of the media’s renewed interest in the Muslim Brotherhood and Tariq Ramadan. Special thanks to Esther for sharing that relevant information with the TT

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  1. What a wanker. Let’s hope some nutty Islamic organisation of one sort or another cuts his hands off for some arcane crime (after all, isn’t just about everything in Islam except paedophilia and rape a crime?).

  2. I watched this guy talk on an American PBS station a few months ago. Him and another guy were debating 2 other people about learning to read vs. some other thing {which I can’t remember, with apologies}, but he was slick, charming and articulate.
    I have read much about this creep before I watched this debate, and knew of his history. He is a takkiya spouting hypocrite of the very best quality. Certainly one of the vilest of human beings.
    This video should be distributed to ALL the major media and see just how they handle it. I’m sure Anderson Cooper and Ali Velschi on CNN would headline it…right? HaHaHa!
    In a pig’s ass they would. It would never see the light of day.

  3. And Obama let this Muslim swine into the US, after he had been banned for several years. Taqiyya on Ramadan’s and Obama’s part. Definitely Obama is a muslim. It is inconceivable that Obama didn’t know this. Especially via his friend Rashid Khalidi erstwhile member of the PLO.

  4. apprently all the guys who left commented on his Audio forget that he mentionned tunisia morocco .. and other countries. and in my understanding he is praying for all peoples that their rights have taken from them. do palestinians have right for their own land, do they have a land when this prayer was made. and who took their land from them ? would anyone like to be expelled from his property and left homeless .. this is waht is happeneing for palesitinians for decades … refugees in jordans, egypt, lebanon and rest of the world. if you were at their shoe u will seek justice and help from your lord to defeat those who take your property. regarding egypt tunisia morocco … and most muslim countries … do not agree that their leader are dictators and violate human rights of their follow citizens… what side would and should you be? on side the people of course , on the side of the weak… not the dictators, would you pray to help them have their lives improved … ? I think you would .. and that what Tariq Ramadan did … please do not say half truth !

    1. Hey Mraz, the palestinians do not deserve a state, they need to be incorporated into a Palestinian state already in existence, Jordan. Arab and Muslim states are dysfunctional due to their societies being warped by Islam, get rid of the mohammedan ideology, and you’ll be one more step closer to individual freedom and prosperity. These lands have been retarded over a very long period, it’s going to take some serious deprogramming to set them right.

      Tariq Ramadan is a huckster, who was caught on tape speaking his approval of terrorism. He’s caught.

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