EDL Luton


Special thanks to Aeneas for sending these in. KGS

Elisabeth and Tommy

Elisabeth and Rabbi Shifren

The media

The Yanks are here

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  1. God bless the EDL. They are sons of William Wallace “they may take our lives, they’ll never take our freedom”. I met some of them at the NY anti-mosque rally (I forget if I met them at the June or September rally, I went to both). Their leader Tommy Robinson had flown to NY with them, but American officials were contacted by Brit officials and he was made to return to Britain. The USA allows muslimaniacs in from Somalia, Pakistan, Yemen, indonesia……But nooooooo to Tommy Robinson.


    1. Hi Anne, thanks for your support for the EDL. Tommy gets these messages from us, and I’m more than sure he’s appreciative. Keep up the fight for what is right!

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