EDL arrive in Luton 5.2.2011

The Tundra Tabloids will be following the happenings in Luton today, set to start at 1pm English time, or 3pm Finnish time. Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolf will be fielding pictures to the TT for live blogging purposes and the Baron will be doing so as well. This promises to be a highly watched event, the Baron (below) reports that the police are already there in full force, a full day before the demo. KGS

NOTE: For those of you who don’t understand the meaning of today’s demonstration, this is the two year anniversary of the beginning of The EDL, which formed itself as a response to Muslim fundamentalists who protested British troops marching through Luton, calling them baby killers and murderers etc. Their actions started the whole movement to counter their agenda, and Islamification in general in the UK.

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The Baron: Today is the day set for the EDL’s protest demonstration in Luton England, the place where it all began

I just received a phone call from one of the EDL people who will be participating in tomorrow’s big demonstration in Luton. He tells me that the town is fairly humming already, and a lot of the people who plan to attend arrived earlier this evening and are staying in hotels.

There is already a massive police presence — police cars and patrols all over the town keeping an eye on things. My contact says that there are also carloads of culture enrichers driving around looking for anybody who resembles an EDL supporter, and then shouting abuse at them out the windows. He was with a member of the Dutch delegation who was singled out for particular harassment.

Representatives from Germany, the Netherlands, France, and Austria have arrived. The speakers’ roster has been established for tomorrow, and will include at least one foreign speaker, although most speeches will be given by EDL leaders, especial local representatives from Luton.

The main event begins tomorrow at 1pm GMT, which is 8am my time (EST). I’ll be live-blogging events as the information comes in.

Stay tuned — it looks like Luton is going to a big one.

NOTE: Here’s a typical snarky report from the BBC on the EDL, but it’s worth watching anyways because Tommy Robinson gets his message across in spite of the BEEB’s biased efforts.

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12:14 There are 18 EDL coaches lined up along Dunstable Road waiting to enter Luton ;( #EDL #Luton

12.15 There are 18 EDL coaches lined up along Dunstable Road waiting to enter Luton ;( #EDL

12:26 Twitter: EDL:  some UAF have cleared off with their tail between their legs, as they are shocked how many EDL are there and how few UAF, lol.

Picks by way of @julesmattsson Jules Mattsson

Police out in full force

13:03 @counterfireorg #Counterfire: Police keeping #EDL at the station, preventing them marching to St George’s Square #Luton

13:12 Edl chanting at local people – (anti-EDL voices=) if it wasn’t for the coppers you’d be dead #UAF #EDL #Luton (It’s a foot ball song)

13:16: Picture of Rabbi Shiffron marching with the EDL, look closely at the bottom, he’s the man with the beard and knit cap

13:27: Tweet: UAF are not wanted in Bury Park. Muslims send them on their way #EDL #Luton

13:45 EDL leader Tommy Robinson delivering speech, calling for ‘leaders not appeasers’.

UAF cordened off at roundabout

13:53 From guardian journalist tweeter on the march so far. mrmatthewtaylor: Best organised and biggest #edl demo I’ve seen in luton today. Feels like a movement on the rise

13:54 @counterfireorg Counterfire
by Gixibyte #Counterfire: Over 1,000 muslims and anti-fascists assembled in Bury Park #Luton #NoToEDL #UAF

14:04 The Telegraph reports ‘clashes
…but then reports about abusive invectives hurled only (bwahhahaha)

14:08 Jon Doe: UAF supporters understood to be trying to break through police cordon to reach EDL crowds in St George’s Square. Being ‘pushed back hard’ according to radio.

14:13 anti-EDL voice:@aoifeusob Aoife Listening to Austrian islamophobe lie about Islam and Muslims in #Luton (So Elisabeth Sabbaditsch-Wolff must be speaking now)

ALSO: from fb: Julie Simpson, Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff giving really good speech at the mo.

Listen to Elisabeth Speaking:

14:24 Arial shot:

14:32 Vid of EDL demonstrators in St.George’s Square

14:38 @LutonVoice Luton Voice Muslims are rioting in Bury Pary #EDL #LUTON

14:45 Gangs of Asians are driving round attacking white people. #EDL #LUTON #UAF http://twitter.com/LutonVoice

14:50 Inayat Bunglawala @inayatb Inayat Bunglawala Over half of EDL crowd has already left. Very much a damp squid so far. Let’s hope they go home peacefully #edl #luton

[Fluffi tells the TT: “Mr. Bunglawala doesn’t seem too happy that on the whole the demo’s been peaceful. usually people complain about the headkicking. i guess this time it’ll be the lack of headkicking”]

14:59 @pangallion Pangallion RT @najisunkafir: Just had a old woman come up to saying she was racially abused by a gang of Asians near Bury Park #EDL #LUTON

15:04 see the UAF supporter hit theEDL across the head

15:15 @NemesisREPUBLIC Nemesis Republic RT @hopenothate: Rumours flying around. 1. Koran burnt on Farley Hill estate 2. a mosque attacked in Bury Park. Neither true. #EDL #Luton

15:32 Picture of police beating back UAF

15:42 LutonVoice Luton Voice Police say about 5000 #EDL members attended the protest in #Luton today #UAF about 300

UPDATE: Fundamuslims rallying their thugs to Luton.

H/T Vlad

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  1. It’s good to see the common folk and ordinary citizens march in protest of the Islamization of their country. I hope the political class is watching, the apologists and weak willed MP’S and other spineless officials need to be tossed out of office during the next election cycle. I hope that the EDL starts a political movement so England can return to a country governed only by English Law not a country with a vast numbers of separate religious colonies harboring a culture alien to the host nation.

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