‘Two bodyguards killed in assassination attempt on new Egyptian vice president’

Opportunists could be taking advantage of the revolution, which has not yet succeeded in toppling President Hosni Mubarak from power, to push their own unknown agendas.

Fox News quoted sources on the assassination attempt last night.

Mr Gibbs was visibly flustered when asked about the incident at a press conference. ‘Uh… I’m not going to get in to that question,’ he said.

Mr Suleiman was appointed by Mr Mubarak as he tried to stem criticism over his 30-year rule. So far, the move has failed to bring calm to Egypt.

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  1. Wait until the Army cracks down Tiannamon Square style. The “Human Rights” organizations will squeal only because they’ll be able to blame Israel.

    A crackdown is in the cards whether or not the USA wants it.

    BTW, the whole LIB media story that Egyptians have “taken to the streets” ignores the FACT that there are between 1 million and 2 million HOMELESS people in Cairo. They’ve taken to the streets for DECADES. It’s very easy for a protest against poverty to get participants under those circumstances.

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