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This is Obama’s ‘Shah’ moment for sure. Like the feckless Jimmy Carter who turned his back on the Shah of Iran, Obama turns his back on the president of Egypt, as he did with the real protestors for democratic change in Iran over a year ago. KGS

NOTE: Obama defies both the US Constitution and Federal law at home, so why not dictators and authoritarians abroad?


Egyptian Officials: Obama Contradicts Himself

Arutz 7: Egyptian officials on Wednesday night criticized the administration of U.S. President Barack H. Obama, accusing him of contradicting himself. The officials said that the U.S. had asked that a transitional government be installed in Egypt to replace President Hosni Mubarak – while at the same time demanding that he resign immediately. “The two things are contradictory,” an Egyptian official was quoted as saying by news agencies. “A transition takes time, but Obama tells Mubarak t quit immediately.”

On Wednesday, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said that the transition in Egypt must begin immediately. “Now means now,” Gibbs said, adding that future U.S. aid to Egypt was in the balance.

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  1. Gibbs the irritating obnoxious White House ‘spokesperson’, had better look around himself even his boss our ‘Dear Leader” could not bring about that wonderful promised Utopian ‘change’ in a government with his own party in power in 2010. I hope and pray that the Egyptian Army is strong and wise enough to keep the lid on things in the country. Unless they have been infiltrated by the ‘Brotherhood’ they are the only hope to keep order until a new government can be formed and function.

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