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Never let a good crisis go to waste, huh Frank?

Finnish AI chairman Frank Johansson

For AI, anything that happens in the ME is an immediate call to arms to see how they can somehow tie it to Israel, no matter how absurd the claim. Frank Johansson, the very same AI chairman who last year called Israel a ‘scum state’, is at it again, but this time around he’s not busy making anti-Semitic remarks, nope, he’s content to use the Egyptian crisis to throw arrows at his favorite target, Israel.

Frank: Particularly concerned about the fate of the Mubarak regime is, of course, Israel. Israel has robustly put down two Palestinian intifadas (people’s uprising), without any consideration of the formal protests by the West’s leaders concerning human rights violations. The Israeli government probably would like to see the Egyptian repression of the Intifada, and the same kind of silent protest from the western states. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has even hoped that the West would turn the situation and and save Mubarak’s regime. Netanyahu, and certainly many other governments around the world, fear that if the fair elections are held in Egypt, the winner would end up being the Muslim Brotherhood. Just as in the last elections in the Palestinian territory of Gaza, where Hamas won the elections. Because that’s when the western countries refused to recognize that organizations which democratically came to power. It is democracy, when the winner is not the desired outcome.

1.) The Israelis are very sympathetic to the plight of the average Egyptian, knowing full well that they deserve much better than they have received under the Mubarak regime.

2.) Johansson exhibits a feeble understanding of what democracy, pure democracy, would actually mean. The exercise of democracy is not the acceptance of any intolerant, radical party that wants to field a candidate, just because they have a following.

Tundra Tabloid’s contributer Al Avai observes that:

“It’s just garbage to use the word “intifada” a way of equating for both what the Palestinians did and what is happening in Egypt. Just being an “uprising” doesn’t make it good, just because Israel is concerned doesn’t make the uprising better; the danger is an Islamist theocracy. The West should well be concerned with Islamism, whether in Gaza or Egypt, as an existantial threat. As much was said on the BBC this morning by the retired president of Univ. Alexandria. We don’t have to look farther than Stockholm to see what the risks of political Islam are.”

Frank Johansson continues:

Frank: It is clear that if democratization gets a chance in Egypt and in other Arab countries, regardless of the winner, pressure for change in Israel will grow fiercer. Israel has until now always been able to point to their neighbors and boast how much better they are and why the assault of criticism against them is unfair. In the future, it might not be.

3.) Here he makes a complete fool of himself. There is no doubt that whatever happens in Egypt, real self government based on pluralism and protection of minorities is not on the horizon. People who dabble in such thinking have to face the fact that a country which is over 95% Islamic, and whose creed demands complete submission by the individual, will never allow for the individual the right to choose freely. KGS

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  1. Apparently Finnish AI chairman Frank Johansson has found himself unable to make note of the fact that there have been NO elections whatsoever in Gaza since Hamas took over. Nor does Finnish AI chairman Frank Johansson seem to have noticed that HAMAS took over Gaza in a bloody coup.

    You’ll notice that Finnish AI chairman Frank Johansson comments say in effect: Why criticize Mubarek when I can criticize the Jews. And above all, sitting here in Israel, I can’t help but notice that unlike the Iranian revolution of 1978-80, the anti-government crowds have not been seen burning American and Israeli flags. The Muslim Brotherhood may ultimately take over Egypt, but the immediate sentiment on the street is focused exclusively on Mubarek. For Finnish AI chairman Frank Johansson to leverage this into an opportunity to incite hatred for Israel tells me that he is distracted from dealing with “Human Rights” in any serious way.

  2. He basically describes Israel and the Israeli’s as the root of all evil. Sure they are looking out for their own safety, but who doesn’t? They are surrounded by states who want to see a vibrant Israel.

    “Because that’s when the western countries refused to recognize that organizations which democratically came to power”

    This is the mainstream argument among Israelhaters. Hamas has said that they want the Jews dead. How much evidence do you need? I guess this people are fine with the idea that organizations such as Hamas are committed to killing the Jews. They are basically defending ‘the democratic right’ Hamas would have to kill the Jews. What if it was the other way around? What if an Israeli party had said: we want all the Palestinians dead. I sincerely believe that they wouldn’t call it a democratic process than. So why the double standard?

    @ KGS, I’ll send you an email in a few hours 🙂

  3. This Frank Johansson is an example of infinite stupidity. Why should you guys even reflect on his verbal diarrhea.

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