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I have to admit to rubbing my eyes for a bit before I could continue reading the article. The BEEB has been one of the biggest offenders in demonizing Israel, so they should be able to spot it when someone else is guilty of doing it. KGS

The movie’s opening in Germany, which has a large Turkish community, was delayed by a day while the official film regulator considered how to rate it. Some German politicians have condemned it as anti-Semitic.

Two earlier TV series by the same film-makers provoked diplomatic rows with Israel.

Israeli commandos descend from helicopters, spraying gunfire at unarmed activists on the deck of an aid ship, killing nine Turkish citizens.

A team of Turkish agents enters Israel on a revenge mission. The film’s hero, played by Necati Sasmaz, insists on calling it “Palestine”, addressing an Israeli official.

They aim to kill the sinister, one-eyed commander who ordered the Gaza flotilla raid. Mayhem ensues, dozens of Palestinians and Israeli soldiers are killed, and the Turkish tough guys win the day.

That about sums up the plot of Valley of the Wolves: Palestine. It is like a Turkish version of a Rambo or Chuck Norris action movie. They too were widely criticised for their chauvinistic depiction of America’s enemies, in those days communist Vietnam.


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