Lauren Booth


You know, the one who complained of genocide and mass starvation of the Gazans while being pictured in a grocery store… in Gaza.

And is happy to have a passport issued to her from Hamas.

Now she’s on the Taqqiya Tour spreading whatever mischief she can muster up against the West, and even against her own ex-brother-in-law Tony. KGS

Blair’s sister-in-law urges his trial on war crimes

KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – Former prime minister Tony Blair’s sister-in-law Lauren Booth, a rights campaigner and Muslim convert, said on Wednesday that he should be tried for war crimes over the invasion of Iraq.

Booth, the half-sister of Blair’s barrister wife Cherie, is in Malaysia for lectures organised by Viva Palestina, a British-based organisation associated with controversial politician George Galloway.

Asked whether Blair should be arrested and sent to the International Court of Justice in The Hague for war crimes, Booth replied: “Absolutely. He misled the British people and took Britain to war on a lie.”

The conflict in Iraq was “an offence”, she told reporters after a speech at a Malaysian university, saying it was organised well in advance between Blair and the United States leadership.

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Lauren Booth, a Muslima, and happy about her golden ticket

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    1. Oh, so she’s a leech as well! As Humphrey Bogart once said, “Leeches, there’s one thing I can’t stand is leeches.”

      1. She’s worse than a leech, she’s completely heartless. I’m going to post the links so that people can check if they need, but here is the gist of the story/facts.

        Her and her husband moved to France in 2003. The dream move abroad didn’t go well. In 2009 Lauren Booth posted on Facebook that she was single, without telling her husband. This was brought to his attention by a another person in the local pub and he was teased about it.

        Later that night he crashed riding his motorcycle home. You can imagine why he’d maybe had a few drinks too many and was feeling emotional. (this is in the first link). He had to have brain surgery and isn’t the man he was before the accident. But you know the marriage vows, for better for worse, for richer for poorer etc.

        Well, the lovely Lauren stood by her husband and served him divorce papers last year (2010) (in the second link).

        I think she is well suited to Islam. On a technical note, those of us who follow Islam will have realised that she couldn’t have remained married to him once she converted to Islam, as Muslim women cannot be married to non Muslim men. It is okay for Muslim men to be married to non Muslim women, because the man is dominant in the relationship, so, so is Islam.

  1. Lauren Booth is RidleyII. An opportunist who sees being a propaganda spokeswoman for Islam is a meal ticket to money and cameratime, something they failed at miserably as an infidel. There’s Lauren, walking about in the ummah, in Iran, in Palestine, and she has to see the treatment of women as chattel, and they ignore it. They cover up for it. It’s pretty disgusting.

  2. She lived a modern life. She converted with her own free will. I grew up in western society and almost gave up Islam. There are problems with religious fanatics in Islam, but Christianity has been having worst. Centuries of Anti-Semitic violence, endless wars, non-Bible secular life, ignorance of the Bible and Islam are good proof. So, we are modern-educated, what happen when we die? Zionism and Christian radicalism are also very destructive to democracy and free society.

    1. Hi Techrep2006. “There are problems with islamic fanatics”..? That’s a gross understatement if there ever was one. Islam is rife with anti-Semitism, with the overwhelming majority of the koran dealing exclusively with Jews in a highly judeophobic way. Islam is nothing but inciting hatred of the other, and the murder of those who refuse to accept the mohammedan creed. There are more Christians and Jews who understand their own scriptures than the mohammedan. It’s immaterial whether you believe in hte after life, you have no right whatsoever to force others by actual force or through dhimmitude to accept mohammedanism.

      You wouldn’t have republican democracy without the birth of the United States founded entirely Judaic-Christian principles that incorporate basic truths of the enlightenment. Try again

      1. Religion, a powerful force, can be used for good or evil. I am not backing away, but I used the strong language because I was angry. Religions are religions. Do not replace anti-Semitic ism with anti-Islam. I have sworn in to protect the constitution of the U.S just like you. Seem like we both try to down-play the radicals on each side. Both Jesus and Muhammad could not convert the evil ones in their communities. Koran is THE ONLY BOOK written as if God is the only writer or narrator. He is the “first person”in Koran. Majority of Muslims(16% of them are Arabs) do read the Koran in Arabic language. Old testament was in Hebrew , and teaching of Jesus were in Aramaic. To you is your religion, and to me is mine. I never say any religion is wrong or bad. You can reject what ever you want to. Islam is not all bad. Please try
        I do give credit to Judaic-Christian principles for founding of our great country, since Christians are always majority. But please also check,

        1. Islam is responsible for the enslavement, and deaths of hundreds of millions of non-muslims. Mohamed is the anti-thesis of the person of Jesus. Islam is a rip off ideology of Judaism and Christianity and is responsible for devastating every society it has come into contact with, turning societies into mindless drones. The Koran i actually made up from a number of dialects that prove it to be a man made invention. there is even great doubt as to whether mohamed was an actual person, with teh koran being invented centuries after the supposed birth and death of the desert warlord. Nice try though.

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