The person the Tundra Tabloids votes to be easily shoved aside by the Muslim Brotherhood, or used as a stooge. KGS

Opposition leader ElBaradei to return to Egypt

Democracy activist, Mohamed ElBaradei, is expected to return to Egypt on Thursday, laying out his manifesto for change in Newsweek.

“The Egyptian people broke the barrier of fear, and once that is broken, there is no stopping them,” he explained.

“Each day it gets harder to work with Mubarak’s government, even for a transition,” ElBaradei wrote. “He has been there 30 years, he is 83 years old, and it is time for a change…The only option is a new beginning.”

NOTE: Now he’s a ”democracy activist”, yeah right. After all those years sitting on his thumbs while A.Q.Kahn was busy spreading nuclear technology around the Middle East, this moron is still on the scene promoting himself.

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