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FRANK KITMAN: Absolutely brilliant documentary on the global warming hoax!
After Greenpeace Founder Patrick Moore came out on FOX news the other day, once again declaring global warming a hoax (embedded below) one has to ask oneself “What more do you need?”. Why isn´t this blantant climate-lie being reported on every single news-outlet?


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  1. Have you ever noticed that individuals and factions generally partial to greater state control of economic life, have found the evidence for global warming to be quite compelling?

    As you know, I have written a lot about energy and global warming on my blog. If you see any links you like, maybe you can post them here as updates. We don’t have an “energy crisis”. We have a petroleum crisis brought about by the illegal restraint of trade by the OPEC cartel. OPEC has a choke hold on world economic growth and nobody, not even the mighty Chinese are complaining about it.

    As you know, I own a flex fuel car and think a 100% flex-fuel vehicle fleet is the best short-term solution to our petroleum crisis. Flex fuel vehicles should also be capable of using METHANOL as well as ethanol because methanol is easier and cheaper to make.

    The electric vehicle is coming. The Chevy Volt isn’t the answer, but the EV is definitely evolving into a practical transportation means. Nonetheless, it will take years to develop the total infrastructure and the global warming nuts are dead-set against that (regardless of what they say). They don’t like to tell you that the building of EV infrastructure increases global warming. This includes wind farms.

    “Global warming” isn’t about saving the planet. It’s about making the world safe for OPEC. Once you eliminate coal (and limit ethanol/methanol to the EPA’s baby-steps), petroleum and natural gas are your cleanest burning fuels.

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