Bulgaria Muslims praying in the streets


To set the tone, first have a look at A Vid by Vlad Tepes and the Tundra Tabloids: Anus-Up:

Pleven: Libyans praying #1

Ned May at Big Peace: Over the last few years, we’ve all become familiar with the sight of masses of Muslim men clogging up public spaces in major Western European cities with their posteriors pointed skyward as they pray towards Mecca.

Paris is the most notorious in this regard, although similar occasions have been observed in Switzerland, Germany, Britain, and other countries — even across the Atlantic in front of the U.S. Capitol. To devout Muslims, such actions are well understood to be a symbolic occupation of infidel territory, and a preliminary claim of that territory for Islam.

Now the same thing has happened in the Bulgarian city of Pleven. Our Bulgarian correspondent RR sends his translation of this brief note from Posoki about the event:

Libyan tourists hold prayer in the center of Pleven [fifth-largest Bulgarian city — translator].

Libyan tourists held their prayer in the middle of the very central square of Pleven yesterday. Despite the cold and freezing temperatures, the group of youths visiting our country as tourists spread their prayer rugs and performed their regular act of worship…

RR offers this commentary:

The journalist goes on to say in a playful tone that the passersby were curious and impressed by the unusual sight.

No comment in the article that:

1. There is a functioning mosque, a relic of the 500-year Turkish Muslim yoke over this country, about 500 meters from the place of unlicensed public worship. It could easily accommodate this group of “tourists”.

2. The “regular act of worship” was rather irregular, as there are no facilities on the central square of Pleven for the ablutions that must necessarily precede Muslim prayer. Thus the Libyan “youth tourists” deliberately broke some rules in favor of the bigger aim — to hold this demonstration of reconquista.

3. It is a demonstration of reconquista indeed, as the prayer was held immediately opposite the building visible in the background of this photo:

Pleven: Libyans praying #2

This is a huge memorial building hosting a chapel, dedicated to the Russian andRomanian soldiers who fell for the Liberation of Bulgaria during the Siege of Plevna of 1877. The remains of many of these soldiers are preserved in themausoleum.

The “Libyan tourist youths” according to the photo in the first link are singing their Allahu akhbar facing this chapel just 50-60 meters away. I know the place very well, as I lived for fifteen years in Pleven.

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