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This might appear to be somewhat of an off topic issue for the Tundra Tabloids, but it relates to the issues effecting our societies as a whole, that being, the immense overreach by government into the daily lives of the people.

The Left are never happy, they’re the malcontents of our age, the whiners, the ones who have the insatiable desire and need to explore new ways to thrust themselves into your pocket books and private affairs, literally. The Left are the “divide and rule types”, the ones who have this fetish with race and sexuality, and the longing to classify people into groups, they’re the ‘group and label” party.

The Left are the party of the “have and have nots”, the party of “this minority and that minority”, the party of balkanization and group rights and multiculturalism. In short, the Left is the party of “screw the individual”.

Why young people flirt with socialism is beyond me, at some age in their teens they naturally strive against parental control, they should be the ones most likely to rebel against a nanny state, the all intrusive government that wants to direct and control every aspect of their lives. KGS

H/T: Fjordman

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