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It’s something that has played itself out over the centuries, time and again, wherever Islam has washed up on the shores of other cultures. Seemingly living in ‘peace’ with the minority until they reach some form of parity in numbers, then all hell breaks loose and real violence and persecution begins. The violence and intimidation might break out even sooner if the host society is deemed as weak and unwilling to defend itself against the aggression.

The Tundra Tabloids is not making this stuff up, just look at all the former Christian lands of the Levant, Maghreb and under belly of Europe. Islamization is the culmination of the enforcement of sharia and the dhimmi system, a subservient group of non-Muslim people whose societal standing can be ‘given and taken away’ who used to rule the area, is what remains. Their continued existence rests according to the whims and ‘good-will’ of the ruling elite of the (now) Muslim majority.

We now see that their continued existence in the Levant as no longer being a necessary one, and are being forcibly driven out or due to fear converting to the ideology of the mohammedan. This all lays to rest any misunderstanding someone might still have about the meme that “there’s no compulsion to religion in Islam”, which is an abrogated concept, replaced with the more than clear understanding:

“Whoever changes his (Islamic) religion, kill him”
Bukhari 9.84.57 ‘baddala deenahu, faqtuhulu’

Please take note that Islam is an imperialistic ideology, the mother and her children are forced to learn how to read Arabic, not that they’ll understand what’s being said, but that they’ll learn to speak the words. KGS

LAHORE, PAKISTAN—Dog-eared and tattered, the blue book is an inch thick and sits on a dented metal table in the corner office of Jamia Naeemia, an Islamic school tucked in a scattering of cement-walled homes and roadside shops.

Many believe the book offers the promise of safety and perhaps even a better chance at prosperity.

The book is a registry used to document religious converts to Islam and officials at Jamia Naeemia say business is brisk nowadays.

At least 20 to 25 former Christians adopt Islam each week by pledging an oath and signing a green and white document in which they accept Islam as “the most beautiful religion” and promise to “remain in the religion of Islam for the rest of my life, acknowledging that blessings are only from God.”

Human rights advocates say it’s no surprise some of Pakistan’s 3 million Christians are adopting Islam. These are vexing and dangerous days for the country’s religious minorities.

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