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Here’s a screen shot of the guy, in which the TT has captured the right side of his face and placed a mirror shot to the right to get a full profile. Any UK police looking at this picture would find it easy to I.D. the guy. KGS

Guy filiming: “I’m legally filming under English Common Law, go ask the police officer over there.”

Muslim: I don’t care about the law,..I’m not talking about ‘your law’,… film me again and i’ll kill you.”

H/T: Vlad

UPDATE: Here’s the pic of the guy in question, taken from another film. The EDL Leicester clip shows them confronting the same Muslims who threatened the English fellow in that other video. It’s the same Muslims.

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  1. Good thing you got that guy on tape, although I doubt the UK police will do anything about it.

    1. Try that with me. All you have to do is say you’ll kill me once and I will undergo the exercise of my “RIGHT TO SELF DEFENCE” . Pigs…the whole lot of them and they do not deserve to be in a free world where they are “free” to threaten us.


      1. Of course if you actually want to defend yourself, you’ll need to move a tad south. They’re locking people up for that kind of nonsense in Canada these days.

  2. hello,
    have a look to, the biggest database on islamic texts. a way good mean to understand what is going on. it is in french, sorry.

    take care


  3. Dude, shoulda stuck that camera directly on that hoodlums face!

  4. Well this website is in English, I don’t think its going to make a difference if you post a French website or a Greek website because many visitors(like myself do not speak French)…Please explain the relevant points of that site and (1) why it changes how this man is disrespecting the law, and finally (2) how it can justify giving a death threat to a fellow human.

  5. According to Warsi, Islamophobia has passed the “dinner table test”, that apparently being the test where people dare to express an opinion around their own dinner table without being shipped off to stand trial before the European Court of Justice. But is it really the dinner tables of England that we ought to be concerned with, rather than its army of prayer rugs.

    In an environment where 40 percent of UK Muslims want Sharia law, 10 percent support the 7/7 bombers and 13 percent admire Al Qaeda, 40 percent believe that 9/11 was a Jewish/American conspiracy, 62 percent do not believe in protecting free speech, 68 support the arrest and prosecution of writers and cartoonists who insult Islam and 36 percent support the death penalty for Muslims who leave Islam– — is it really time for another lecture on Islamophobia?

    The British teenager of tomorrow is named Mohammed, and he takes his inspiration not from the Magna Carta, but the Koran. His hero is not Winston Churchill or Oliver Cromwell, but that bloody butcher of men and raper of women and little girls, the Islamic prophet Mohammed. When he plays video games, he imagines that the men he’s killing are the soldiers returning home from fighting against teenagers just like him Iraq or Afghanistan. Sooner or later, he dreams of being to do the same thing. He thinks of British girls as whores, of English culture as corrupt and worthless, and feels he owes no obedience to its laws or its government.

  6. @DP111

    I’m not exactly a huge fan of Mohammad but at least he didn’t attempt to ethnically cleanse the Irish people like Cromwell did. Your hero is just as much a murderer as Mohammad so if the British teenager looks up to him is he just as lightly to view Irish Catholics as the scum of the earth?Obviously not I would hope and I know that it is not your intended meaning but I hate it when British people get a boner from Cromwell when he was up there with the biggest, craziest and depraved of historical leaders.

    1. Mohamed practiced genocide on untold legions of people and his followers continued it after his death. While he never made it to Ireland, his followers would like to and complete the job.

  7. I’d like to see him do that here in the USA. Frankly I would have put that punk back on his heels real quick !! Hopefully such an idiot would pull a knife, then I’d have an excuse to shoot him. PROBLEM SOLVED !!!

  8. people can find many excuses as they want to exercise their hatred for people of another colour or faith.
    Most of these racist come from deprived and lack of education background.How can you reason with such people. The EDL members just jumped on the next available band wagon that was giving them excistement without actually understanding.
    they should record themselves and play back to see what mug they look like that is if they understand.

    1. This is your excuse — or that we don’t like your color? What color is Islam?

      You actually have the nerve to either be so lobotomic to insinuate that NOBODY HAS A REASON TO DISLIKE ISLAM?

      Are you a moron, or just surfing on the Dhimmi high you get by intimidating people with such stupidity.

      Not me, buddy. You’re a piece of crap, that you can be so outrageously dishonest, an expert in Taqiyya, to try to insinuate that WE JUST HAPPEN TO NOT LIKE ISLAM FOR NO GOOD REASON.

      The people of your faith daily grow haughtier, more self-centered, more violent, more unjust, more vicious, more murderous, more sinful, more despicable, more vengeful, more dishonest, more brazen, more misogynistic, more sexually perverted in your rape of innocent women and children, girls and boys. May all of your violence, obscene hatred, murderousness collapse on all people of your faith, and may you wipe yourselves off the face of the earth, completely and utterly. And may all know that Mo and Al distorted illusions of diseased minds.

  9. theres not a shred of evidence that islam was ever on the offensive rather it was on the defensive.
    perhaps those ignorant should look back in to correct history to identify who really was offensive massacuring inncocent, stealing lands and raping.
    There is no compulsion in islam if you want ot accept you accept if you want to reject then you reject.
    You to your way, me to my way.

    1. Taqiyya! Earlier, more lenient laws were superseded by the later ones.

    2. I think Abraham is either a liar or he is very stupid – he could be both but one thing isn’t true is that Islam spread by taking the defensive. How could you expect the people on this site to be so stupid?

  10. I would love for that scrub to try that threat here in Texas… where we call bets like that! Surely he has some dental plan in place.. and Houston has some of the best triage docs in the world.

  11. Hello and thank you for exposing this vid clip I took.
    I have a bit of a side issue for you to correct though.
    Please could you not refer to me as a Brit as I am an Englishman, the anti-English British Government discriminate against us English by not letting us assert our identity so please do not join in on this. (I know your not doing anything intentional but the identity issue is important to us English under British Rule)
    I also didn’t state ‘British Law’ I stated ‘English Law’ so could you please make the relevent changes.
    I don’t mind the Police being refered to as British as thats what they are by name and the British Government as that is what they are by name. Both rule over England and the English as we have no home rule sadly.

    1. Hi INgy,
      I understand, it was my bad, will correct asap. KGS

  12. I was so upset responding to “Abraham” that I didn’t proof before I sent. Just a few other comments.

    The patriarch Abraham was a very kind, generous, caring person, who had as a trait the ability to discern truth.

    The Abraham posting here does not. It might be more fitting to spell it Ibrahim, to signify the Islamic distortion of many biblical values.

    To those who use the term “Islamophobia” as a label designed to instill guilt and reticence on the part of the person making valid complaints about Islam, I propose to use the term “Islamotard” as a rejoinder.

    I would define “Islamotard” as a person with a seriously diminished mental capacity to recognize that Islam is truly dangerous, usually due to suffocation from political correctness and/or intimidation.

    1. Hi Carol Ann, both Vlad Tepes and myself prefer the term ”Mustard”, Muslim retard for folks like Abraham (Ibrahim). You it at will.

      1. “Mustard” I like it, but there are good people who are Muslims. My beef is with Islam, and the people who live it to the full extent — the horrendous violence and carnage in the name of Mo and Big Al.

        Since a phobia is an “irrational” fear, Islamophobia is, by definition, impossible. A very rational fear of Islam is quite healthy and totally predicated upon reality.

        How about “Islamophobephobe” as one who has an irrational fear about having an irrational fear of Islam?

  13. I’m not a fan of islam either, nor a fan of saint patrick who in eire butchered my ancestors who were so peaceful with reverence to Earth. There is no religion that is not guilty of evil action in the name of some god that is in the minds of the brainwashed followers. Christianity, islam, hinduism, buddhism, judaism and etc have carried out unmentionable atrocities. In eire, people of the same race, ie christians, kill christians, in islam muslims kill muslims. I see no good news in religion. It comes between people. All religious people have constantly an underlingering agenda that they put before their fellows. The few of them that may feel sincere is no justification for the en masse slaughter associated with religions of which all are evil and sick and not human. So not only islam but all religions would do humanity a lot of good if they all were dispresenced by a mass common effort of mind. Thank you gentlemen and goodnight, the ensuing night of humanity is going to be very dark indeed, it would seem, unless we can eradicate religion with its arrogance and ignorance. That would be a more noble cause than any that all the religions together could produce. Thank you and goodnight.

    1. I’m just saying Islam is a major problem NOW, and cannot be reformed, so it will always present itself as a danger to our western way of life.

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