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Where’s the funding, and the big financial windfall these refugees are thought to bring to the cities they’re going to? Listen up folks, it’s all a ruse, a scam, by the multiculturalists who keep intending to rip off hard working taxpaying citizens. Real refugees need to be handled, take care of in neighboring countries, not scattered all around the world. KGS

Vantaa Struggles with Influx of Refugees

Vantaa City is struggling with increasing numbers of immigrant refugees, even though the city decided last year not to take any more quota refugees for two years due to insufficient resources.

Last year Vantaa received 166 refugees, which is 38 more than in the preceding year. Most of the refugees with residence permits had come to Vantaa from other parts of Finland by themselves.

While the city states that one social worker should not be caring for more than 40 refugee families, at the moment each social worker is carrying the burden of 70 families. Such a situation is unsustainable, according to the city.

Director of Vantaa’s psychological and social services Anna Cantell-Forsbom says that there is a shortage of good quality, spacious housing for the often large refugee families. Cantell-Forsman also laments the high levels of unemployment among immigrants, as well as pointing out that there are not enough Finnish language courses available.

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