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Two mothers and their toddler children banned from council-funded playgroup – for being BRITISH


Two mothers who were kicked out of a council-funded playgroup spoke of their humiliation today after being told the group was for immigrant families only. Emma Knightley, 25, and Kimberley Wildman, 27, turned up at the ‘Making Links’ playgroup with their children Imogen, 21 months, and Olivia, 18 months.

But they were stunned when organisers at the centre in St Neots, Cambridgeshire, ordered them to leave after demanding to know ‘what country are you from?’ The best friends were told that only foreign mums and children are welcome at the council-funded playgroup – which they have accused of discrimination.

Shop worker Emma, from St Neots, booked a place at the playgroup six weeks ago after it was recommended by a mixed-race friend. She said: ‘The first thing I was asked about was my nationality and when I said I was British I was told we had to leave.

‘She said are you not aware this is for foreign people only? ‘I said I knew it was trying to integrate people into the community but didn’t realise that meant British people and their children were banned. ‘I felt humiliated. It shouldn’t matter what nationality you are we shouldn’t be discriminated against.

‘You wouldn’t get away with a British-only mum and children’s group. ‘We want to welcome other nations to the community but turning British people away is not the way to do this.’ Trainee midwife Kimberley, also from St Neots, chose the group because it was free – whereas other groups in the area charged £2.

She said: ‘They asked me what race I was and I said British. They said I couldn’t come in. It’s ridiculous.

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  1. This is the knd of thing I hate, it just does not seem proper to discriminate against the native population of a country

      1. They’re worse than morons…a moron has no excuse, a moron doesn’t know any better.
        W.T.F. is going on?
        Every G.D’d day it gets crazier and crazier!
        All over the west the politicians are re-defining the word
        Somebody’s got to start doing some “bitch-slapping”.

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