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Commenting to a Tundra Tabloids’ post on anti-Semitism in Norway, MG describes a personal account the same phenomena, overt Jew hatred, and in this instance, surprise, it came from a Muslim.

MG: “It happened to me too in a small town in the Netherlands. I wanted to see Van Gogh paintings in a museum and the security guard told me I smelled like I wasn’t from Holland.. I must be from Israel. I said I was from America, but that didn’t matter I was Jewish and so on.. He was from Jordan.. It was frightening, but I held my ground. I wanted to see the paintings, and I refused to be intimidated. But the audacity that people don’t think twice about doing this. I am visiting France, and then I think I am done with Europe as Europe is done with me.”

MG, sadly it’s no surprise that in this day and age, overt anti-Semitism in Europe is as common as bloated government and the nanny state. Just last year the Tundra Tabloids posted an interview it conducted with Ami Cammarella, an Italian Jew who also had it with Europe. I last heard that he no longer lives in Europe, moving out and never looking back. KGS

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  1. No surprise for me, I just read an article about an exposition about Jews before and after WWII. Some comments below were just sickening. Antisemitism is not only rising in Europe, it seems we are heading to that point to say :Hey there is nothing wrong with antisemitism. I can perfectly understand why this person is fed up with Europe! Although I’m not someone who gives up very easily I’m fed up with Europe as well.

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