Mom and dad’s hard earned money was for naught. Home schoolers would have nailed it. KGS

Thanks to The Sheik

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    1. Sadly yes. My advice for them is to do some yard work or go to the beach on election day.

  1. These people were complete morons and a utter disgrace to American higher education. I don’t get it, what are the qualifications for studies at UCLA – a nice tan, a tight tush and the IQ of a fish stick? For crying out loud, these were common general knowledge questions, that most randomly selected sixth graders in Finland or Sweden, would know the answers to. It was like watching Dumb and Dumber try out for The $64,000 Challenge show. At first I didn’t even believe it was for real, I thought they were playacting – that their academically uninclined answers were all rehearsed in advance. The genetic material these people are carrying, has to be the legacy of the Flower Power era, that washed over California in the late 60’s and early 70’s. How else can one explain the sizable selection of dimwits, gathered in one place – that UCLA is renown for?

  2. Cringe-worthy, a testament to the reliability of “world opinion”.

    It takes more than a few 30-second sound bytes of MSM for anyone to have an informed opinion, and yet everyone in the world has an opinion about Israel.

    We got a lotta work to do.

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