Yet another ‘Islam only’ state, and who is making any noise over the fact that they practice religious cleansing, making sure that Islam, nothing but Islam is allowed to be practiced. HRW and Amnesty International are now mounting a high profile campaign against the Maldives to get them to honor all religions……..not. KGS


Christmas decoration gets restaurant in trouble

A special Christmas promotion aimed at foreigners at a Maldivian restaurant got the restaurant owners into deep trouble.

Islam is the official religion in Maldives and constitutionally, there is only place for Sunni Muslims; practice of other religions is prohibited. Display of other religious symbols attracts police action.

In this case, the restaurant was decorated for Christmas with items related to the celebration.

This led to protests from religious groups such as the Adhaalath Party and the Islamic Foundation of the Maldives, which led to the arrest of one restaurant employee, the independent Maldivian newspaper Minivan News reported.

“Some people gathered and protested against the decorations, because it was like celebrating Christmas,” police spokesman Ahmed Shiyam told AFP. Mr. Shiyam added one restaurant employee was taken in for questioning on Tuesday and later released.

The offending streamers were quickly removed.

The restaurant, Jade Bistro, located in front of the busy main street of Male, Boduthakurufaanu Magu, just fronting jetty Number 8, is popular for its selection of food from abroad and free wi-fi and, hence, like everything in Maldives, a trifle expensive. Jade is open throughout even during the afternoon prayers, says a review at a travel website, IgoUgo.

Management at the Jade Bistro cafe have apologised to Maldivians that may have been offended by a “festive” lunch promotion offered over the Christmas period.

Readers’ comments in the Minivan News website ranged from anger to ridicule of its politicians and a few even asked if the Islamic parties would stop such celebrations in the many resort islands. There was also a dash of humour in one: “I do not see what is offensive about food, unless it is cooked very badly!.”

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  1. This is absolutely ridiculous. The holy Quaran does not impose oppression. Prophet Muhammed teachings were about Islam but at the same time respect believers of other religion too. You don’t have follow / practise a particular religion to show some respect.

    Dictatorships like these give any religion bad name for their own egos sake.

    1. On the contrary, the there is nothing ‘holy’ about the Koran. It treats other people from different faiths as second class citizens. It has murdered more people over the centuries, annihilating the animists and imposing its totalitarian will upon all those who fall to it. If you’re a Muslim, you’re for tyranny.

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