ISLAM SUCKS Islamic misogyny


Over at the Australian Islamist Monitor, Syed Kamran Mirza, makes mention of a debate he had with a Bangladeshi Mullah scientist (Mullah scientist, isn’t that like an oxymoron?) Dr. Sultan Ahmad, concerning women’s rights in Islam. Mirza defeathers the Mullah cuckoo bird with solid argumentation, irrefutable facts and truth, which leaves the Mullah frothing at the mouth and hurling inflammatory explicatives. It’s all he could do.

Here’s a snippet from the debate at News From Bangladesh:

…Islam is the super misogynistic religion on earth because Islam denigrated and degraded women more than any other religion. Because, Muslim women’s rights are still guided by the Islamis Sharia law, which makes them half of human, but all other religions have no say or control to the rights of women today.

In the pure Islamic countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Afghanistan, Sudan, Somalia—women are like domestic animals. On the contrary, women of all other religions are guided by the democratic and secular western laws (not by Papal laws) which treat women equal to men. This is not the case with Muslim women even today. Hence, it is immaterial or irrelevant what other religions said in their holy books about women today.

Syed Mizra is of course absolutely correct. The TT highly recommends stopping over at his website, Australian Islamist Monitor, book marking the page, and read everything he has to say about the subject at hand. He is methodical, thorough and fill of insight. What a find. KGS

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  1. you are very sawneyکثافت من خودم مسلمونم تو غلط کردی با این خرافاتت
    بی شعور الاغ خر کثافت

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