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In preparation of this next post, the Tundra Tabloids went looking for a suitable picture to place with the following article, and low and behold, I came across this one. But wait you say, isn’t this a ‘racist’ and ‘bigoted’ picture? Is the Tundra Tabloids trying to promote, gasp, ‘Islamofauxbia’?

Eh…no, laughably, this was taken from a Muslim Malay blog discussing the Muslim brain and how it’s so finely tuned to the call of Mohamed’s imaginary friend.

Dunia Deen: When he was reviewing the functions of parts of the brain, also comes the question of what should exist in the mind of a Muslim? What information should be processed by the brain of a Muslim? Maybe the picture below, is able to answer some of the questions.

“O man! What has seduced thee concerning thy generous Lord, who created thee, and fashioned thee, and gave thee symmetry, and in what form He pleased composed thee?” Koran 82, 6-8

It’s Islam, all Islam, and nothing but Islam, so help their imaginary friend. No wonder the great Jewish sage Maimonedes said the following about the Mussulman:

“…and if you teach them something, they will find it contrary to their tradition, because their practices are confused and their opinions bizarre because a mish-mash of various practices and strange, inapplicable statements were received by them.”

The mind is such a terrible thing to waste. And now after that little diversion, on to the Gates of Vienna’s post:

Muslims and Westerners: The Psychological Differences

Muslims and Westerners: The Psychological Differences
by Nicolai Sennels

Introduction by Nancy Kobrin, author of The Banality of Suicide Terrorism: The Naked Truth About the Psychology of Islamic Suicide Bombing[1]

When I first read about Nicolai Sennels’ work concerning therapy, which he had conducted with criminal Muslims in Denmark, I knew that it would be groundbreaking. I hope that you the reader will listen closely to what he has to say.

I also had the opportunity to conduct prison interviews of Muslim detainees, which were not interrogations. Minneapolis has the largest diaspora of Somali Muslims outside of Mogadishu, and there was an overload in the county jail. I was trying to decide if I wanted to draw up a research project. Pressured for time and with too many other responsibilities plus receiving a death threat during one of the interviews, I decided against it.

Like Sennels, I came away with a similar sense that Western law enforcement and the general public did not understand why there was so much crime in the Muslim population. And why there has been this problem of jail house converts to Islam who then become radicalized through contact with other criminal Muslims during incarceration.

Islam is the perfect religion to give justification for those who feel under attack and to maintain the eternal “victim” fantasy. Islam is also “higher” than Christianity because it comes last in co-opting the revelations of Sinai and the New Testament. What a perfect receptacle for projecting hatred. Islam incites, encourages and permits hatred of the Jew and Jihad. It’s perfect for a fragile personality that has the need to hate and the need to have an enemy. There are billions of people out there who share those sentiments and that profile. As an underdog religion, Islam provides great mass appeal, which even Eric Hoffer, the author of The True Believer, noted in 1951. It should come as no surprise that its numbers are growing. If one has a grievance, Islam will take care of it.

Sennels adeptly outlines the key problems of why Muslims are not able to integrate into Western culture. What he doesn’t say, I shall name. We are dealing with nothing more than paranoia. Sennels stresses that the West must set boundaries because otherwise they will kill you. This kind of rage is malignant borderline behavior as in serial killing. We must come to understand such politically incorrect observations as Sennels does in order to connect the dots concerning criminal Muslims even though it is brutal.

Happy well-adjusted children do not become suicide bombers nor do they become criminals. Let us choose to know what we are dealing with rather than bury our heads in sand out of terror. Let us meet the challenge straight on as Sennels has. If the Swedes had intellectual fortitude, Nicolai Sennels, the Dane, should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for standing up and proclaiming that the “Emperor Has No Clothes.” But then again, that is a Danish tale and the Swedes are left with Ingmar Bergman’s drama. Need I say more?

Read the rest here:

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  1. Quote from above: We have to find places on our planet where etc

    Indeed. This place is known as Somalia.

    So the question is, who let the wolves out of the cage. And who then allowed them to settle in the West.

    1. Bwhahahahahaha! Yes, Somalia. That’s the true place for the mohammedan. The list of traitors who are responsible for selling out the West runs deep.

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