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Smear merchant of the cloth, Bishop Lennart Koskinen

Bishop of Visby, Götland:My intention was to be really peaceful, but they quickly came with two gorillas and tried to drive this Finnish man away (referring to himself).”

NOTE: I thought comparing people to animals was a big no no? Apparently not for this “man of the cloth”.

The Tundra Tabloids has had it with Scandinavian church leaders, they turn out to be the most daft and suicidal of the bunch. That said, the TT knows other lower ranking church members that do indeed ‘get it’, realizing that Islam is nothing to co-exist alongside, that eventually, it will become a matter of survival. They only need to look to the once, Christian Levant and Maghreb to realize that Islam doesn’t play around, they’re in it for keeps.

It’s only daft church leaders that have no problem committing cultural and religious suicide out in the open, as they drag their flocks with them. This daftness also explains the turning of their backs on their coreligionists who are fleeing the ME in droves. They only need to consult these Christians as well as the writings from some of their OWN sages who lived during the periods of war with the Mussulmen. It’s obvious that they refuse to do so.

Here’s the story. In a MTV3 news interview this morning on Finnish TV, the recently retired bishop of Visby, Götland, (an island along the coast of Sweden) who happens to be of Finnish descent, tried to cast the Sweden Democrats as beasts concerning an incident that occurred this past Summer during parliamentary election campaigns in Sweden.

The bishop of Lutheran church in Visby Götland had set a tent in the public square during the traditional week of politics and debate in the public squares. While watching the interview the Tundra Tabloids noticed Kent Ekeroth (SD) telling the man something and directing him to leave. I enquired from Kent’s brother Ted about what had actually transpired, and this is what he told me:

In Gotland, each year, there is something called “Almedalsveckan”. That is really a political event/gathering were all political parties gather to have debates, seminars and social activities.

So on that day the Sweden Democrats had time at the square for a session, a speech. Next to the place for the speech, the Swedish Church had its tent.

When the pastor found out that the Sweden Democrats are having a speech there (with a permit and all) he approached Björn Söder and the others there, asking them to leave.

He didnt like the fact that the “big bad racists” are so close to the church tent. When he approached björn söder, Kent and others stepped up and asked him to leave.

The police also informed him that they had the right to be there

NOTE: Vlad captured the video for the TT and is presently uploading it, as soon as it’s online, it will be posted here.

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  1. Almedalsveckan sounds like a great idea.

    Its just a pity that this pillar of the Church did not have the basic charity you would expect from him of all people – this so-called respectable, fine, upstanding man of the cloth – to accept the right of others with a different viewpoint with whom he disagrees to express their point of view.

    Gives Christians a bad name in my opinion.

    Maybe he has never heard of the concept of freedom of speech.
    Seems like a complete loser to me.

  2. The video is of the event is already on youtube, uploaded by MXCartoons.

    Two gorillas? Isn’t it a criminal offense to refer to police officers in that manner? I seem to remember that it is just that here in Sweden. The big fellows leading him away are Swedish Security Police (SÄPO). If the lying bastard came up with a pretty amazing story regarding how he ended up disrupting the debate between Björn Söder, party secretary of the Sweden Democrats and a representative of the (not very Christian) Christian Democrats. The story he told was something along the line of how distraught parishioners had sought him out to tell him that Nazies were holding a meeting in the town square and how they asked him to do something about it or something similar, making him hurry to the scene to take action. He even “quoted” what the parishioners had said to him. He also said that he had no idea who he approached or that it was a debate between the Sweden Democrats and the (not very Christian) Democrats.

    It should be noted that Lennart Koskinen has previously (before this happened) publicly voiced support for the (not very Christian) Christian Democrats.

    In this news-clip from the event, we are showed a parts of the above video. It’s great humour. The reporter voice tells of the event how the (reps of) Sweden Democrats use force to remove the Bishop, followed by Koskinen himself telling how the Sweden Democrats used violence to remove him.

    Look at the first Youtube clip again:

    Does any Sweden Democrat in that clip use violence against Lennart Koskinen? I remind you that the rather large fellows leading Koskinen away in that clip are members of the Security Police, responsible for the safety of politicians during this event – as well as the general safety of top politicians in general.


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