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UPATE: (Reuters) – A suspected explosive device found in an empty underground train carriage in Rome Tuesday could not have blown up because it lacked a detonator, police said. Earlier, Rome transport authority ATAC had said the device, described by police as rudimentary, could have exploded. “It didn’t have a detonator, it couldn’t explode,” a spokesman for the Carabinieri, Italy‘s paramilitary police force, told Reuters by telephone. He said it contained a small quantity of explosive powder.

H/T: Gaia

ROME – a bomb in the subway in Rome. Tuesday morning, around 10, reports the ATAC, an operator found at the “track sever (the area where the operations are carried trains) to the underground station line B Rebibbia, a suspicious object inside a wagon. Were immediately alerted the Police and Fire Department, which intervened on the spot, have taken measures to isolate the area then proceed to the determination of the explosive potential of the bomb.

PIPES AND gunpowder – According to reports the driver would have noticed the box from which protruding wires .. Inside were the pipes and gunpowder. Checks are under way by the police to determine if the pack could explode and the possible potential. The area was made safe.

REGULAR SERVICE – The metro station Rebibbia B, where the suspected bomb was found, was never closed and line B is still in function.

ALEMANNO – “The announcement that was found in the subway un’ordigno is worrying. Theblasters are experiencing what it is, if a dangerous weapon capable of exploding or inactiveobject. “So the mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, said the news of the discovery. “We will know in the coming hours what exactly are we talking about – added Alemanno – for now the area has beenisolated. “

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