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He’s the English version of Geert Wilders. A real hero. KGS

NOTE: Warning, course language used, but these are course times. And remember folks, truth in this day and age, is not a defense. That’s why they arrested him.

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  1. His language – a bit intemperate but justified – the man is clearly frustrated – truth forever on the scaffold – the ongoing mindset of the dhimmi politicans who don’t want to see the evil, who don’t want to hear the evil, and in consequence will not speak out about it and take action against it.

    But he’s made of the right stuff – that’s for sure!!!!!

    1. I of course agree Raymond. Many people might be put off by the course language used, but these are every day folks, from all corners of life who have had it, literally, what else can explain the anger of these people? They’re not racists or bigots, they’re everyday folks who have been shoved up against people who care little for the society they live in, and then they’re forced to suffer it in silence? I think not. The countries with the more noticeable presence of Islam are the first to rebel, Finland is way behind, but then again, many in Helsinki are pissed off by the Somali situation. I can’t blame them.

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